Samuel Frisching (Schultheiss, 1638)

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Johann Rudolf Huber , Portrait of Samuel Frisching (1638–1721)
Samuel Frisching (1638–1721)

Samuel Frisching (born June 27, 1638 in Bern , † October 23, 1721 in Rümligen ) was a Swiss mayor and from 1715 to 1721 mayor of the city ​​and republic of Bern .


He came from the Bernese patrician family Frisching . After graduating from high school in Bern, Frisching studied in Geneva from 1656 to 1657 . Against the will of his father Samuel Frisching (1605-1683), he joined the French Swiss Guard at the age of twenty in 1658 and was wounded in the Battle of Gravelingen (Gravelines, now France, North Department on the North Sea). This was followed by an extensive educational trip through England , Scotland , the Netherlands and Germany , and finally Frisching returned to the service of his hometown.

In 1664 he became a member of the large council and in 1685 of the small council, in order to become mayor in 1715 at the old age of 77 after various other offices. In 1670 he had already been mayor of Burgdorf , had also pursued a military career and was a. a. 1712 General of the victorious Protestant alliance in the second Villmerger War .

From 1705 to 1706, Frisching expanded his family's seat on the Junkerngasse in Bern, based on plans by Joseph Abeille, with a city palace to the south (today's Béatrice-von-Wattenwyl-Haus ), and in 1709 he and the lordship of the same name bought and left the Rümligen Castle remodel it.

One of his sons was Johann Frisching (1668–1726), Swiss officer and magistrate, and married to Susanna Margaretha Stürler (von Serraux). In 1701 Johann became a member of the Grand Council and in 1721 the Small Council. Johann shared the rulership of Rümligen Castle with his brother Gabriel Frisching.

His grandson Rudolf Emanuel Frisching (1698–1780) was an officer and magistrate, who married Anna Margaretha von Wattenwyl in 1727 .


The von Frisching family (dialectically Fruchtschig ) is a Bernese patrician family who have owned the city of Bern as a citizen since the 15th century and belong to the guild society of butchers .


An attic statue by Frisching stands on the facade of the main building of the Berner Kantonalbank .



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