False camellias

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False camellias
Stewartia pseudocamellia

Stewartia pseudocamellia

Nuclear eudicotyledons
Order : Heather-like (Ericales)
Family : Tea plant family (Theaceae)
Genre : False camellias
Scientific name

The dummy camellias ( Stewartia ) are a genus of the tea bush family (Theaceae). The genus is named after John Stuart , 3rd Earl of Bute.


Mock camellias are evergreen or deciduous trees or shrubs . The opposite leaves are membranous or leathery. The leaf margin is usually serrated. The short flower stalks are winged. Stipules are missing.

The stalked flowers are individually in the leaf axils or a few in short racemose inflorescences . There are two permanent pre-leaves . The hermaphrodite flowers are fivefold. The five identically shaped sepals are fused at their base. The five white or yellowish-white petals are weakly fused at their base. In the numerous stamens , the stamens are fused in their lower half with each other and with the petals. The Upper constant ovary is fünffächrig, with one to seven ovules per carpel . The stylus is unbranched or branched.

The five-ribbed, five-fold, egg-shaped to cylindrical capsule fruit is usually enclosed by the preserved calyx. The approximately egg-shaped or flattened, small seeds are winged or not. The cotyledons are thin and flat. The fleshy endosperm is usually very thin.


The genus is found in Asia and America. China is the center of biodiversity with around 20 species. In addition, three species are common in Japan and Korea and two in the southeastern United States .


Stewartia monadelpha
Stewartia pseudocamellia var. Koreana , fruits and seeds

The genus contains around 30 species, including:


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