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Family coat of arms of those of Schmude Trzebiatowski

Schmude , (very often also Zmuda Trzebiatowski as well as Smude , Smuda , Schmudde or Żmuda ) is the name of a Kashubian noble family . Branches of the family persist to this day.


The family is an untitled Pomeranian nobility . The family line begins with Balzer (Balthasar) Smuda , a sea captain since 1490, who, together with the noble Simon Gendrecka , Greger Mlotk , Simon Recka , Olbrecht Pancke and Greger Chammer , was owned by Duke Bogislaw X. of Pomerania in Old Stettin on January 9, 1515 the village of Trzebiatkow was given land with 33 Hufen.

A Saxon nobility recognition was issued on February 26, 1909 for Ernst von Schmude , forest administrator in Oberplanitz . The same was thereupon registered on July 29, 1909 in the royal Saxon nobility book (No. 326).

A German sex association was founded in Berlin in 1937.

Origin of name

The name "Schmude" can be derived from zmuda . In addition to this derivation, Schmude , the German version of the name of origin of a resident of the Lithuanian Samogitian or Shamaite, comes into consideration .

Possession and spellings

The Zmuda also settled down to Lonken, Zemmen (1603), Groß Gustkow and other noble estates in the region, but only under Prussian influence in the 18th century did they adopt the predicate of as an addition to their name. Before that, the addition "nobiles" with baptismal names and Smuda is customary and exclusive in church registers.

Contemporary church book writers in Pomerania regularly tend to omit on the assumption that the nobility of a family is known regionally. Therefore, although a family, name variants are very different today: Smuda , Zmuda , von Smuda , von Zmuda , von Schmude , von Schmudde , von Schmuda , von Smuda-Trzebiatowski , Zmuda von Trzebiatowski , von Schmuda Trzebiatowski or also (omitting the actual Family name) only from Trzebiatowski . The name Trzebiatowski reflects the ancestral home of the family, but other families also bear the name, such as the Jutrzenka and the Malotki . The -ski is to be understood in this context as "from Trzebiatkow ". This place (German also: Tschebiatkow ) in the former district of Bütow is now part of the rural municipality of Tuchomie near the city of Bütow . The Smuda , also Schmudde zu Zemmen , a neighboring town of Trzebiatkow, appear accordingly under names such as von Smuda-Cieminski or just von Cieminski .

The different spellings of the name with "Z" and "S" and using or omitting one of and all other additions emerged from the 19th and 20th centuries, among other things for reasons of better distinguishability, the political situation of the region or also for Adaptation to the respective language area of ​​the immigration.

coat of arms

At least eleven different coats of arms are known, which can be divided into three groups.

  • The family coat of arms shows a black hexagram in silver . On the helmet with black and silver covers a silver dove. The family coat of arms was and is carried by individual branches of the sex with deviations in the gem and the tinging . This coat of arms was u. a. used by Zmuda Trzebiatowski and Zmuda Cieminski .
  • The shield in blue, divided by a golden crossbar, four at the top and three golden ears at the bottom . Blue buffalo horns on the crowned helmet , each set with three external golden ears. This coat of arms was u. a. used by Zmuda Gostkowski and Zmuda Dąbrowski .
  • Several variants of the Ksiezyc coat of arms differ in the number of stars above (two to three) or the position and tinging of the moon (silver, looking to the left or gold looking up). Three red, green-stemmed and leafed red roses, or the dove from the family coat of arms, are a treasure. This coat of arms was u. a. used by the Zmuda Trzebiatowski .

Well-known namesake


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