Schutzhaus new building

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Refuge new building
NFI hut
Schutzhaus new building
Mountain range Goldberg Group
Geographical location: 47 ° 3 '22 "  N , 12 ° 59' 15"  E Coordinates: 47 ° 3 '22 "  N , 12 ° 59' 15"  E
Altitude 2176  m above sea level A.
New shelter (Land Salzburg)
Schutzhaus new building
owner Friends of Nature TVN
Built 1420, new building in 1995
Construction type hut
Development Material ropeway
Usual opening times Mid June to late September
accommodation 22 beds, 22  camps
Winter room nonedep1
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The Naturfreundehaus Schutzhaus Neubau , for short mostly just Schutzhaus Neubau , is a refuge of the Friends of Nature (TVN) in the Salzburg part of the Goldberg Group . It is located at an altitude of 2176  m above sea level. A. at the southern end of the Rauris Valley in the area of ​​the former gold mining, already in the Hohe Tauern National Park .


The name goes back to a mountain house built in 1420. At that time, gold mining was expanded up towards Fraganter Scharte ( 2754  m ) and Herzog-Ernst-Spitze ( 2933  m ) and new accommodations were needed for the miners . The name has been preserved to this day. In the vicinity of the hut there are still many testimonies of the former gold mining, these are made accessible via the Tauerngold adventure trail and the Tauerngold circular hiking trail .

The hut was completely renovated in 1995. The heating was switched from coal to electric underfloor heating. All of the energy for heating and operating the material ropeway is now generated in its own small power station. The previously existing, unheated winter room fell victim to this conversion. Since then, the hut no longer has a winter room.



The starting point for the ascent to the new building is the Lenzanger car park. You can drive up to here on a toll road. There are three options from the parking lot:

  • The first option is the not so strenuous family hiking trail over the Almweg (No. 31) through the Rauris primeval forest . This path leads to the family hiking trail, which can be used to reach the new building in around 2 ½ hours.
  • The second option is on foot or by bus via the road to the Naturfreundehaus Kolm Saigurn . The well-marked path (No. 122) over the Barbara waterfall begins directly behind it and up to the Melcherböden. From there it is about 45 minutes to the new building.
  • The third option is on foot or by bus to the Ammererhof . From there to the Erlehenalm and on via the family hiking trail (No. 119) up to the new building.


  • Hoher Sonnblick ( 3105  m ): From the new building shelter on path 122 past Leidenfrost up to the Rojacher hut. From there it goes over the ridge up to the summit of the Hohe Sonnblick.
  • Schareck ( 3122  m ): From the new building, the ascent via the Tauerngold adventure trail to Fraganter Scharte and then to the Herzog-Ernst-Spitze ( 2933  m ) can easily be mastered in about 2½ hours (path no. 119). From there you can continue to the summit of the Schareck in about an hour. The path is partially exposed (path no.120).
  • Herzog-Ernst-Spitze ( 2933  m ): From the new building, the ascent via the Tauerngold Adventure Trail to the Fraganter Scharte and then to the Herzog Ernst Spitze can be tackled in approx. 2 ½ hours (path no. 119).
  • Alteck ( 2942  m ): From the new building, the ascent via the Tauerngold Adventure Trail to Fraganter Scharte is easily possible in around two hours. From here you can continue right to the Alteck. However, there is no marked path.
  • Hocharn ( 3254  m ): From the new building, take path 122 up to the Rojacher hut. From there it goes over the ridge to the Hohe Sonnblick ( 3106  m ). From the Hohe Sonnblick: Glacier ascent and crossing of the Goldzechkopf (difficulty II on the UIAA scale ) to the northern Goldzechscharte and over the ridge running north to the summit of the Hocharn.

Sightseeing and educational trails

Several viewing and educational trails have been created around the hut.

The Goldbergkees

The glacier viewing path, set up between 1982 and 1984 and renovated and updated in 2007, leads through the formerly ice-covered glacier tongue area of ​​the Goldbergkees to the ice edge from 2006. 13 display boards provide information about the apparent glacier retreat, since 1850 the glacier has shrunk by around 1100 meters.

The wheel house with the
Hocharn in the background

The Tauerngold adventure trail and the Tauerngold circular hiking trail lead through the remains of the former mining in the rear Rauris Valley. The wheel house and the braking track are only 200 meters from the refuge on the Kälberriegel ( 2161  m , location ). The wheel house was built in 1831/33 and served until 1888 as the mountain station of a 1½ kilometer long inclined elevator, which was driven by an eleven meter water wheel and enabled the ore ( called Pochgang ) to be transported into the valley and the miners on the mountain to be supplied. The braking track connected the wheel house with the miner's house at 2341  m . Their route is still clearly visible and is part of the Tauerngold circular hiking trail. The miner's house ( location ) and the surrounding facilities served the miners as living, sleeping and farm buildings. The buildings were connected to the tunnel via a system of tunnels ( snow collars ) and thus enabled the miners to access the tunnel and to mine the ore even during winter. The Bremserhäusl ( 2331  m , Lage ) finally formed the upper end of the braking track, in which the rope pulley was located.

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