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Coordinates: 48 ° 59 ′ 10 ″  N , 13 ° 10 ′ 42 ″  E
Residents : 452  (1987)
Schweinhütt (Bavaria)

Location of Schweinhütt in Bavaria

View of Schweinhütt
View of Schweinhütt

Schweinhütt is a district of the city of Regen in the Lower Bavarian district of Regen .


Schweinhütt is located in the Bavarian Forest between Regen and the city of Zwiesel on federal road 11 .


Swinhutte is first mentioned in 1254 in the tax register of Niederaltaich Monastery . After the Thirty Years' War , the plague in 1649 caused the place to be temporarily completely extinct. According to a legend, only the landlady of the village survived because she hid cunningly from the "Black Death" (the plague). The theater association has already performed this legend twice as an open-air stage play. A plague cross on the outskirts reminds of the many dead from the plague.

In 1752, Schweinhütt formed a chairman in the Regen district court, to which Zapfenried and the Spindlhof (Schauerhof) also belonged. The place itself consisted of 14 properties this year. In 1808 the tax district Schweinhütt was created and in 1813 the rural community Schweinhütt, which in addition to Schweinhütt also included Rinchnachmündt , Zwieselberg and Bärnzell . In 1821, however, Schweinhütt became part of the municipality of Rinchnachmündt. With this, Schweinhütt came to the district town of Regen in the course of the regional reform in Bavaria in 1978.

In 2000, Schweinhütt was voted the most beautiful village in Lower Bavaria in the competition Our village should be more beautiful . Old customs are also maintained, such as leaving out wolves , erecting the maypole , rockaroas , and so on. The Schweinhütte Forest Christmas has been held in Schweinhütt since 2008 , a Christmas market in a forest area between Schweinhütt and the village of Dreieck.

The open-air stage Schweinhütt offers a stage house with four chambers, a forecourt, balcony and a grandstand with around 700 seats on the grounds of the forest Christmas. The Schweinhütt Bible Garden was officially opened in July 2010. The village has about 600 inhabitants and has agricultural and tourist industries. Some handicraft businesses such as locksmiths and stonemasons have also set up shop.


The Maria Königin church, a branch church of the Regen parish, was built between 1960 and 1963. It contains furnishings by Wolf Hirtreiter . There is also a local chapel in Schweinhütt, which was probably built in 1822.

education and parenting

  • The Christophorus School Schweinhütt is a school for physically and mentally handicapped children.
  • Integrative Kindergarten Schweinhütt


  • Spielvereinigung Schweinhütt-Bettmannsäge
  • Schweinhütt fishing association 1965
  • Catholic women's association Schweinhütt
  • Schweinhütt volunteer fire department
  • Dorf- und Gartenbauverein Schweinhütt
  • KSV Schweinhütt
  • EC Schweinhütt
  • Schweinhütt open-air theater