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Simon II of Sponheim (* around 1270 ; † 1336 in Kastellaun ) was Count of the Front County of Sponheim and came from the noble family of Sponheim .

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Simon II von Sponheim was born around 1270. After the death of his father Johann I († 1290), he and his brother Johann II took over the government in the Vorderen Grafschaft Sponheim. In 1300 Simon II married Elisabeth von Valkenburg. At this point at the latest, the brothers divided up the front county. The Soonwald formed the dividing line . The northern part with Kirchberg and Kastellaun fell to Simon, the southern part to Johann. Simon chose Kastellaun as his place of residence, although Kirchberg was the only town in which he had a share. For this reason he expanded the castle and town of Kastellaun and ensured that Kastellaun received city ​​rights in 1305 and market rights in 1309 . In the following years he also built a city wall and a new church, today's Protestant church. One of Simon's brothers, Emerich, tried twice to be elected archbishop , unsuccessfully . The attempts failed because of the influence of the Luxemburg family . In response, Simon and his son took a position directed against Archbishop Balduin von Trier and his gender. Therefore both supported Friedrich von Habsburg , the antagonist to Ludwig the Bavarians, the candidate of the Luxembourgers. This opposition formed the basis for all political action and led to numerous disputes. In 1320 Baldwin conquered Sprendlingen , a native of Sponheim , and besieged Kreuznach and Kastellaun . A year later, Simon gave up for the time being and signed a peace treaty with the archbishop. In 1325, Baldwin built Balduinseck Castle to weaken the position of Kastellaun Castle. Three years later Simon supported the fight of the Wildgraves against Bishop Baldwin for the Schmidtburg . Simon II died around 1336 and was buried in the new church in Kastellaun. There you can see the double grave of him and his wife. His son Walram took over the inheritance .


The following children came from her marriage to Elisabeth von Valkenburg :

  • Walram († 1380), Count of Sponheim, ⚭ August 9, 1330 Elisabeth von Katzenelnbogen († 1383)
  • Simon
  • Johann II (* 1312; † 1348), Count of Sponheim
  • Reinhard († 1352), canon in Mainz, Trier etc.
  • Imagina, († after December 21, 1352), ⚭ 1322 Count Philipp von Solms († 1364/5)
  • Margareta, ⚭ 1330 Johann Wildgraf zu Dhaun and Grumbach († 1350)
  • Anna († around 1330), ⚭ Count Johann I. von Katzenelnbogen († 1357)
  • Elisabeth, ⚭ 1st marriage 1331 Count Rudolf I von Hohenberg († 1336), ⚭ 2nd marriage October 15, 1340 Ludwig von Hessen († 1345)
  • Agnes († after 1367), ⚭ Count Heinrich II. Von Veldenz, son of Count Georg I. von Veldenz


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