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Original title Stips
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1951
length 99 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Carl Froelich
script Hanns H. Fischer
Carl Froelich (idea)
production Carl Froelich
music Herbert Windt
camera Bruno Stephan
cut Walter von Bonhorst

and Renate Barken , Dagmar Biener , Christa Fügner , Sigrid Lagemann , Eva Probst , Violet Rensing

Stips is a nostalgic, German romantic comedy from 1951 by Carl Froelich , the last production of which this was. Gustav Fröhlich and Heli Finkenzeller play the main roles.


Senior Teacher Dr. Klaus Michael Dirkhoff once taught as an art teacher at a girls' high school in a small town. Due to his unconventional and direct manner, the popular timpanist had a stone in the board with his students, who only called him “Stips”. He reacted to cheeky sayings, jokes and pranks in a completely relaxed manner, and since he is also quite attractive, all of his students at the Lyceum were naturally in love with him. It's been a long time since school and the schoolgirls of yore went their own way. But now the adult and partly already married women of today are becoming the girls of yesteryear again, because happy news is going around: Stips is back in town!

He was gone for eight years, but the feelings of many a Stips admirer have not changed. Dr. Dirkhoff is now widowed and some of his students are beginning to regret that they are no longer free. The beloved drummer of yore causes emotional confusion just by his presence and makes the female hormones go crazy, which has a highly damaging effect on the marriages of the young women, especially since some of them are stealing blatant stips. In the end, the attractive end-forties ends up with the ex-student, of all people, who at the time was one of those who was more reluctant than others to reveal their affection for him. This woman, Regine Wülfing, with whom he fell in love, will, Stips is quite certain, be a good mother to his two children, who are now half-orphans.

Production notes

With Stips the 75-year-old cinema veteran Froelich finished his round half a century of working for the German film industry. The film, shot in Berlin and the surrounding area in mid-1951, had its world premiere on September 4, 1951 in the Alhambra cinema in Düsseldorf. The Berlin premiere was on November 27 of the same year. Occasionally the film was also sold under the title Pauker Stips and the Girls in Love Class .

Alfred Bittins took over the production management. The film structures come from Hans Luigi and Werner Szneidereit.


In Der Spiegel one could read: "Director Carl Froelich proves that even as a 76-year-old you should keep your hands off pre-world war reminiscences."

The film service ruled: "The nostalgic story from the Wilhelmine era is the last film by German cinema pioneer Carl Froelich."

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