Stone Cold - Cold as stone

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German title Stone Cold - Cold as stone
Original title Stone cold
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1991
length 95 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Craig R. Baxley
script Walter Doniger
production Yoram Ben-Ami
music Sylvester Levay
camera Alexander Gruszynski
cut Mark Helfrich

Stone Cold - Stone Cold is an American action film from the year 1991 . Former football player Brian Bosworth plays the leading role .


Three armed men raid a supermarket and take a girl hostage. A tall man in a leather coat enters the supermarket and incapacitates all three of the men. When the police arrive, they learn that the man's name is Joe Huff and that he is a suspended cop. He hunted down the three criminals on his own initiative .

A few days later, Joe Huff is paid a visit by two FBI agents. The FBI wants to smuggle him into the rocker gang, called "The Brotherhood", of Chains Cooper. The gang is involved in drug deals, prostitution, extortion and murders. Huff is the only candidate for this assignment because he has no problem overstepping the limits of legality. Huff takes the name John Stone and seeks contact with the Brotherhood. Shortly thereafter, he is at the side of a gang member of Chains in a fight and can thus gain sympathy. Out of gratitude he is invited to a rocker meeting of the brotherhood. There he meets Chains and his younger girlfriend for the first time.

When Huff gains entry to the Brotherhood base, he gives Chains a bulletproof vest from the FBI, claiming it is government inventory. In order for Huff to finally win the trust of Chains and his people, he has to murder a drug dealer from Bolivia . With the help of the FBI, he fakes the man's death and manages to secure the trust of Chains. Huff begins a relationship with Chain's girlfriend Nancy, which he tacitly tolerates. However, he is watched with suspicion by Chain's right-hand man, Ice. Ice catches Huff having a conversation with one of his clients. In the car chase that follows, Ice is killed after Huff pushes him into oncoming traffic.

With the help of the FBI, Huff wants to negotiate a drug deal with the Mafia and the Brotherhood in order to arrest the Mafia and the Brotherhood. When the deal goes wrong, Huff destroys Chains' drug shipment. Nancy also learns that Huff is a cop. Chains later finds out that Huff cheated on him. The drug dealer Huff was supposed to murder has been released and contacted Chains. Chains also suggests that Huff was betrayed by Nancy. Chains kills the drug dealer and then kills Nancy before Huff's eyes. He spares Huff himself for the time being so that he can experience the actual plan of Chains. Chains wants to free a member of the Brotherhood from court. After this member has murdered a pastor, he is to be tried in court.

Chains people ambush the police present in front of the court and storm the courthouse, while Chains himself sits in the courtroom disguised as a priest. Huff sits tied up in a helicopter that is meant to escape. He manages to free himself and put a load of dynamite in a rocker's jacket and kick him out of the helicopter. Huff jumps through the glass roof of the building and grabs a machine gun and a motorcycle. On the way to Chains, he shoots every rocker who gets in his way. When Chains threatens him with a gun, he can overpower him. However, he does not kill Chains, but leaves him to the approaching police. When Chains surprisingly pulls a gun and is about to shoot Huff, he himself is shot by one of the two FBI agents. Huff leaves the courthouse covered in blood and the crowd in front looks after him in horror.


“Brutal action film, the hero of which is up to any means to achieve its goals. A cynical, inhuman game that spreads a 'Law and Order' mentality. "


It is Brian Bosworth's first film after retiring as a footballer. Bosworth was nominated for "worst newcomer" for his role for the Golden Raspberry .

The film had a budget of about 25 million  US dollars . He grossed only around 9.2 million US dollars worldwide.

The blue-lens glasses that Huff wore in the film were added to some video cassettes as merchandising items.

The film was co-produced by Michael Douglas .

The film was indexed from 1992 to 2016. A re-examination of the FSK showed a release from 16 years.

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