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Studies on Cultural Studies is a series of ethnological books founded by Leo Frobenius in 1933 at the Frobenius Institute (formerly known as the Research Institute for Cultural Morphology ) at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main , the oldest ethnological institute in Germany . It contains analyzes and sources on ethnology . To date, 126 volumes have been published.

The volumes were first published by Strecker & Schröder in Stuttgart , then by August Schröder Verlag in Stuttgart and later by Franz Steiner Verlag in Wiesbaden , later in Stuttgart, volumes 104–127, then by Rüdiger Köppe Verlag in Cologne and from volume 127 by Reimer-Verlag , Berlin

Current editors are Holger Jebens, Karl-Heinz Kohl and Richard Kuba.

Some classics of German ethnology, such as B. Myth and cult among primitive peoples ( Adolf E. Jensen ), cannibalism ( Ewald Volhard ), worldview and cult of the Kwakiutl Indians ( Werner Müller ) have appeared in this series, as well as important reviews, such as B. The peoples of Africa and their traditional cultures ( Hermann Baumann , ed.).

The peoples of Africa form a focus of the series .


No. Author / Ed. title
1 Adolf E. Jensen Circumcision and ripening ceremonies among primitive peoples. 1933.
2 Heinz Wieschhoff The African drums and their extra-African relationships. 1933.
3 Hermann Trimborn Sources on the cultural history of pre-Columbian America. 1936.
4th Freda Kretschmar Canine line father and Kerberos. 1938. (2 parts)
5 Ewald Volhard Cannibalism. 1939.
6th Adolf Friedrich African priesthoods. Preliminary studies for an investigation. 1939.
7th Otto Zerries The buzzing wood. Study of the spread and meaning of the buzz in cult. 1942..
8th Walter G. Beck Contributions to the cultural history of African fieldwork. 1943.
9 Adolf E. Jensen The religious worldview of an early culture. Stuttgart 1948.
10 Adolf E. Jensen Myth and cult among primitive peoples. Religious studies. 1951, 2nd. ed. 1960.
11 Otto Zerries Wild and bush spirits in South America. An investigation of the phenomena of the time of the hunter in the culture image of South American Indians. 1954, ISBN 3-515-00845-4 .
12 Werner Müller The blue hut. The symbol of the pearl among North American Indians. 1954.
13 Helmut Straube The animal disguises of the African primitive peoples. 1955, ISBN 3-515-00847-0 .
14th Wilhelm Emil Mühlmann Arioi and Mamaia. An ethnological, sociological and historical study of Polynesian cult associations. 1955, ISBN 3-515-00848-9 .
15th Werner Müller Worldview and cult of the Kwakiutl Indians. 1955.
16 Carl A. Schmitz Historical Problems in Northeast New Guinea. Huon Peninsula. 1960, ISBN 3-515-00850-0 .
17th Barbara Frank The role of the dog in African cultures. With particular attention to its religious significance. 1965.
18th Eike Haberland Investigations into the Ethiopian royalty. 1965, ISBN 3-515-00852-7 .
19th Alfred Hauenstein Les Hanya. Description of a groupe ethnique bantou de l'Angola. 1967, ISBN 3-515-00853-5 .
20th Walther FE Resch The cattle in the rock carvings of North Africa. 1967, ISBN 3-515-00854-3 .
21st Eberhard Fischer The change of economic roles among the Western Dan in Liberia. Studies on the cultural change in a Liberian village based on field research in 1960 and 1963. 1967, ISBN 3-515-00855-1 .
22nd Klaus E. Müller Cultural-historical studies on the genesis of pseudo-Islamic sect formations in the Middle East. 1967, ISBN 3-515-00856-X .
23 Wolfgang Lindig Secret societies and men's societies of the prairie and woodland Indians of North America. Examined using the example of the Omaha and Iroquois. 1970.
24 Rose Schubert Methodological studies on oceanic myths. 1970.
25th Beatrix Heintze Obsession Phenomena in the Middle Bantu Area. 1970.
26th Ulrich Braukämper The influence of Islam on the history and cultural development of Adamaua. Outline of an African cultural change. 1970, ISBN 3-515-00863-2 .
27 Annemarie Fiedermutz-Laun The cultural-historical thought in Adolf Bastian . Systematisation and presentation of the theory and method with an attempt to evaluate the cultural-historical content on this basis. 1970.
28 Andreas Kronenberg Logic and Life - Cultural Relevance of the Didinga and Longarim, Sudan. 1972, ISBN 3-515-00866-7 .
29 Klaus E. Müller History of ancient ethnography and ethnological theory formation. From the beginning to the Byzantine historiographers. Part 1. 1972.
30th Tales of the Kamayurá. Alto Xingú – Brazil. German translation and commentary by Mark Münzel . 1973.
31 Samuel Josia Ntara The History of the Chewa (Mbiri ya Achewa). Translated into English by WS Kamphandira Jere with comments by Hary W. Langworthy, ed. By Beatrix Heintze. 1973, ISBN 3-515-00868-3 .
32a Eike Haberland Leo Frobenius (1873-1938): Une anthology. Editée par Eike Haberland avec une préface de Léopold Sédar Senghor (edition in French). 1973, ISBN 3-515-00869-1 .
32b Eike Haberland Leo Frobenius (1873-1938): An Anthology. Edited by Eike Haberland with a foreword by Léopold Sédar Senghor (edition in English). 1973, ISBN 3-515-00870-5 .
33 Dorothee Gruner The Berber pottery. Using the example of the places Afir, Merkalla, Taher, Tiberguent and Roknia. 1973.
34 The peoples of Africa and their traditional cultures. Ed. by Hermann Baumann , Part 1: General Part and Southern Africa. 1975, ISBN 3-515-01968-5 .
35 The peoples of Africa and their traditional cultures. Ed. by Hermann Baumann, part 2: East, West and North Africa. 1979, ISBN 3-515-02371-2 .
36 Eike Haberland and Siegfried Seyfarth The Yimar at Upper Korowori (New Guinea). 1974, ISBN 3-515-01870-0 .
37 An arrow shot for the bride. Myths and tales from Kwieftim and Abrau, Northeast New Guinea. Recorded, translated and commented by Antje and Heinz Kelm. 1975.
38 Christraud Geary We, the genesis of a chieftainship in the grasslands of Cameroon. 1976, ISBN 3-515-02366-6 .
39 Hermann Amborn The importance of the cultures of the Nile Valley for iron production in sub-Saharan Africa. 1976, ISBN 3-515-02411-5 .
40 Werner Peukert The Atlantic slave trade of Dahomey (1740–1797). Economic anthropology and social history. 1978, ISBN 3-515-02404-2 .
41 Catalog of the Rock Art Collection of the Frobenius Institute. By Pavel Cervícek with drawings by Gisela Wittner and photos by Margit Matthews. 1976, ISBN 3-515-01856-5 .
42 Dierk Lange Le Dîwân des Sultans du Kânem-Bornû: chronologie et histoire d'un royaume africain (de la fin du Xe siècle jusqu'à 1808). 1977, ISBN 3-515-02392-5 .
43 Renate Wente-Lukas The material culture of the non-Islamic ethnic groups of North Cameroon and Northeast Nigeria. With drawings by Gisela Wittner. 1977, ISBN 3-515-02608-8 .
44 Edward Graham Norris Economy and economic policy in Abeokuta 1830–1867. Aspects of the Ethnography and History of a Yoruba State in the 19th Century. 1978, ISBN 3-515-02670-3 .
45 Stefan Seitz The Central African hunter cultures. 1977.
46 Günter Best From cattle nomadism to fishing. The socio-cultural change among the Turkana at Lake Rudolf, Kenya. 1978, ISBN 3-515-02690-8 .
47 Hans Joachim Stuhler Social stratification and social change among the Ajjer-Twareg in south-eastern Geria. 1978, ISBN 3-515-02745-9 .
48 Fidelis Taliwawa Masao The Later Stone Age and the Rock Paintings of Central Tanzania. 1979, ISBN 3-515-02783-1 .
49 Hayder Ibrahim The Shaiqiya: The Cultural and Social Change of a Northern Sudanese Riverain People. 1979, ISBN 3-515-02907-9 .
50 Ulrich Braukämper History of the Hadiya of Southern Ethiopia. From the beginnings to the 1974 revolution. 1980, ISBN 3-515-02842-0 .
51 Antje and Heinz Kelm Sago and Pig Ethnology from Kwieftim and Abrau in Northeast New Guinea. 1980.
52 Klaus E. Müller History of ancient ethnography and ethnological theory formation. From the beginning to the Byzantine historiographers. Part 2. 1980. (Part 1 = Volume 29 of the series), ISBN 3-515-02499-9 .
53 Asfa-Wossen Asserate The history of Sawâ (Ethiopia) 1700–1865. After the târika nagast of belâttên gêtâ Heruy Walda Sellâsê. 1980, ISBN 3-515-02936-2 .
54 ABC Ocholla-Ayayo The Luo Culture. A Reconstruction of the Material Culture Patterns of a Traditional African Society, ISBN 3-515-02925-7 .
55 Andreas Massing The Economic Anthropology of the Kru (West Africa). 1980, ISBN 3-515-03162-6 .
56 Gordon D. Gibson, Thomas J. Larson, Cecilia R. McGurk The Kavango Peoples. 1981.
57 Barbara Frank The Kulere. Peasants in Central Nigeria. 1981.
58 Waltraud and Andreas Kronenberg The bongo. Farmers and hunters in South Sudan. With an appendix by Georg Schweinfurth : Description of the bongo and original drawings. 1981, ISBN 3-515-03301-7 .
59 Christoph Staewen and Friderun Schönberg Ifa, the word of the gods. Oracle texts of the Yoruba in Nigeria. 1981, ISBN 3-515-03604-0 .
60a Christraud Geary Things of the Palace: A Catalog of the Bamum Palace Museum in Foumban (Cameroon). With drawings by Gisela Wittner. 1983, ISBN 3-515-02924-9 .
60b Christraud Geary "Les choses du palais": Catalog du Musée du Palais Bamoum à Foumban (Cameroun). 1984, ISBN 3-515-03793-4 .
61 Werner J. Lange History of the Southern Gonga (Southwestern Ethiopia). 1982, ISBN 3-515-03399-8 .
62 Y. Georges Madiéga Contribution à l'histoire précoloniale du Gulma (Haute-Volta). 1982, ISBN 3-515-03222-3 .
63 Wolf Leslau Gurage folklore. Ethiopian Proverbs, Beliefs, and Riddles. 1982, ISBN 3-515-03513-3 .
64 Karl Heinz Striedter Rock art from North Africa and the Sahara. A method for their systematic recording and evaluation. 1983, ISBN 3-515-03397-1 .
65 Ulrich Braukämper The kambata. History and Society of a South Ethiopian Peasant People. 1983, ISBN 3-515-03747-0 .
66 Adam Jones German Sources for West African History, 1599–1669. 1983, ISBN 3-515-03728-4 .
67 Peter Fuchs The bread of the desert. Socio-economy of the Sahara Kanuri by Fachi. 1983, ISBN 3-515-03764-0 .
68 Adam Jones From slaves to palm kernels. A History of the Galinhas Country (West Africa), 1730-1890. Steiner, Stuttgart 1983, ISBN 3-515-03878-7 .
69 Roland mix Karen Village of Northwest Thailand . Steiner, Stuttgart 1984, ISBN 3-515-03227-4 .
70 Leo Frobenius Mythes et contes populaires des riverains du Kasaï . Traduction de l'allemand par Claude Murat. Steiner, Stuttgart 1983, ISBN 3-515-03922-8 .
71 Samson OO Amali An Nigerian Drama. The Idoma Inquest. A bilingual presentation in Idoma and English together with Odegwudegwu an original bilingual play in Idoma and English. Steiner, Stuttgart 1985, ISBN 3-515-04097-8 .
72 Anne-Marie Duperray Les Gourounsi de Haute-Volta. Conquête et colonization 1896–1933. Steiner, Stuttgart 1984, ISBN 3-515-04097-8 .
73 Steven Kaplan The Monastic Holy Man and the Christianization of Early Solomonic Ethiopia. Steiner, Stuttgart 1984.
74 Renate Wente-Lukas Handbook of Ethnic Units in Nigeria. With the Assistance of Adam Jones. Steiner, Stuttgart 1985, ISBN 3-515-03624-5 .
75 Beatrix Heintze Fontes para a história de Angola do seculo XVII. I. Memórias, relações e outros manuscritos da Colectânea Documental de Fernão de Sousa (1622-1635). Transcrição dos documentos em colaboração com Maria Adélia de Carvalho Mendes. Steiner, Stuttgart 1985, ISBN 3-515-04260-1 .
76 Jean-Pierre Warnier Echanges, développement et hiérarchies dans le Bamenda précolonial (Cameroun). Steiner, Stuttgart 1985, ISBN 3-515-04281-4 .
77 Adam Jones Brandenburg Sources for West African History 1680-1700. Steiner, Stuttgart 1985, ISBN 3-515-04315-2 .
78 Peter Mark A Cultural, Economic and Religious History of the Basse Casamance since 1500. Steiner, Stuttgart 1985, ISBN 3-515-04355-1 .
79 Kidana Forest Kefle Haymanota Abaw Qaddamt. La foi des pères anciens. Enseignement de Mamher Kefla Giyorgis. Recueilli par son disciple Dasta Takla forest. Avec une introduction sur la vie et l'œuvre de ces trois savants par Berhanou Abebbé. Steiner, Stuttgart 1986, ISBN 3-515-04168-0 .
80 Leo Frobenius Ethnographic notes from 1905 and 1906. I: Peoples on the Kwilu and the lower Kasai. Edit and ed. by Hildegard Klein. Steiner, Stuttgart 1985, ISBN 3-515-04271-7 .
81 Jürgen Zwernemann (Ed.) Stories from the West African savannah (Gurma, Moba, Kassena, Nuna). Steiner, Stuttgart 1985, ISBN 3-515-04218-0 .
82 Christoph Staewen, Karl Heinz Striedter Gonoa. Rock paintings from Northern Tibesti ( Chad ). Steiner, Stuttgart 1987, ISBN 3-515-04218-0 .
83 Leo Frobenius Peuples et sociétés traditional du Nord-Cameroun. Etudes de Leo Frobenius , traduites par Eldridge Mohammadou. Steiner, Stuttgart 1987, ISBN 3-515-04656-9 .
84 Leo Frobenius Ethnographic notes from 1905 and 1906. II: Cuba. Leele, North Kete. Edit and ed. by Hildegard Klein. Steiner, Stuttgart 1987, ISBN 3-515-04671-2 .
85 Kurt Beck Kordofan's Kawahla. Ecological and economic strategies of Arab nomads in Sudan . Steiner, Stuttgart 1988, ISBN 3-515-04921-5 .
86 Dierk Lange A Sudanic Chronicle: The Borno Expeditions of Idris Alauma (1564–1576). According to the account of Ahmad b. Furtu. Arabic text, Engl. Transl. commentary and geogr. gazetteer. Steiner, Stuttgart 1987, ISBN 3-515-04926-6 .
87 Leo Frobenius Ethnographic notes from 1905 and 1906. III: Luluwa, Süd-Kete, Bena Mai, Pende, Cokwe. Edit and ed. by Hildegard Klein. Steiner, Stuttgart 1988, ISBN 3-515-04979-7 .
88 Beatrix Heintze Fontes para a história de Angola do seculo XVII. II. Cartas e documentos oficiais da Colectânea Documental de Fernão de Sousa (1624-1635). Transcrição dos documentos em colaboração com Maria Adélia de Carvalho Mendes. Steiner, Stuttgart 1988, ISBN 3-515-04964-9 .
89 Gerd Spittler Droughts, war and famine among the Kel Ewey (1900–1985). Steiner, Stuttgart 1989, ISBN 3-515-04965-7 .
90 Peter Fuchs Fachi. Sahara city of the Kanuri. Steiner, Stuttgart 1989, ISBN 3-515-05003-5 .
91 Bawuro Mubi Barkindo Sultanate of Mandara to 1902. History of the Evolution, Development and Collapse of a Central Sudanese Kingdom. 1989, ISBN 3-515-04416-7 .
92 Mamadou Diawara La graine de la parole. Dimension sociale et politique des traditions orales du royaume de Jaara (Mali du XVème au milieu du XIXème siècle). Steiner, Stuttgart 1990.
93 Mathias G. Guenther Bushman Folktales. Oral Traditions of the Nharo of Botswana and the / Xam of the Cape. Steiner, Stuttgart 1989, ISBN 3-515-05060-4 .
94 Klaus Schneider Crafts and materialized culture of the Lobi in Burkina Faso. Steiner, Stuttgart 1990, ISBN 3-515-05235-6 .
95 Dorothee Gruner The clay mosque on Niger. Documentation of a traditional building type. Steiner, Stuttgart 1990, ISBN 3-515-05357-3 .
96 Jörg Adelberger From Sultanate to Republic: Changes in the Social Organization of the Fur (Sudan). Steiner, Stuttgart 1990, ISBN 3-515-05512-6 .
97 Leo Frobenius Ethnographic notes from 1905 and 1906. IV: Kanyok, Luba , Songye, Tetela, Songo Meno / Nkutu. Ed. And ed. by Hildegard Klein. Steiner, Stuttgart 1990, ISBN 3-515-05383-2 .
98 Gudrun Geis-Tronich Material culture of the Gulmance in Burkina Faso. Steiner, Stuttgart 1991.
99 Adam Jones On the problem of sources in the history of West Africa 1450–1900. Steiner, Stuttgart 1990, ISBN 3-515-05418-9 .
100 Eike Haberland Hierarchy and caste. On the history and political structure of the Dizi in southwest Ethiopia. Steiner, Stuttgart 1993, ISBN 3-515-05592-4 .
101 Friederike Kemink The Tegreñña women in Eritrea. An Examination of the Codes of Common Law 1890–1941. Steiner, Stuttgart 1991, ISBN 3-515-05425-1 .
102 Andreas Grüb The Lotuho of the Southern Sudan. An Ethnological Monograph. Steiner, Stuttgart 1992, ISBN 3-515-05452-9 .
103 Ulrich Braukämper Migration and Ethnic Change: Studies from the Eastern Sudan Zone. Steiner, Stuttgart 1992, ISBN 3-515-05830-3 .
104 Reidulf K. Molvaer (Ed.) Prowess, Piety and Politics. The Chronicle of Abeto Iaysu and Empress Zewditu of Ethiopia (1909-1930). Recorded by Aleqa Gebre-Igziabiher Elyas . Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 1994, ISBN 3-927620-20-3 .
105 Andrea Reikat Commercial fabrics. Basic features of European-West African trade before the industrial revolution using the example of textiles. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 1997, ISBN 3-89645-200-2 .
106 Sabine Steinbrich Imagination and Reality in West African Stories. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 1997, ISBN 3-89645-201-0 .
107 Till Forester Torn unfolding. Everyday life, ritual and artistic forms of expression in the north of Côte d'Ivoire . Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 1997, ISBN 3-89645-202-9 .
108 Britta Duelke "... Same but different ...": Tradition and history in the everyday life of a north Australian Aboriginal community. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 1998, ISBN 3-89645-203-7 .
109 Frank Bliss L'artisanat et l'artisanat d'art dans les oasis du désert occidental Egypt. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 1998, ISBN 3-89645-204-5 .
110 Jürgen Zwernemann Studies of the Moba (Northern Togo ). Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 1998, ISBN 3-89645-205-3 .
111 Gerd Spittler Pastoral work. The world of the camel herders and goatherds from Timia . Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 1998, ISBN 3-89645-206-1 .
112 Carola Lentz The Construction of Ethnicity: A Political History of North-West Ghana, 1870–1990. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 1998, ISBN 3-89645-207-X .
113 Karim Traoré Le jeu et le sérieux. Essai d'anthropologie littéraire sur la poésie épique des chasseurs du Mande (Afrique de l'Ouest). Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 2000, ISBN 3-89645-208-8 .
114 Paola Ivanov Pre-Colonial History and Expansion of the Avungara-Azande: A Source-Critical Inquiry. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 2000, ISBN 3-89645-209-6 .
115 Kunigunde Böhmer-Bauer Great Zimbabwe - an ethnological study. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 2000, ISBN 3-89645-210-X .
116 Erdmute Alber In the guise of domination. Modalities of power in the Borgou (North Bénin ) 1900–1995. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 2000, ISBN 3-89645-211-8 .
117 Yakubu Mukhtar Trade, Merchants and the State in Borno, c. 1893-1939. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 2000, ISBN 3-89645-212-6 .
118 Dorothea E. Schulz Perpetuating the politics of praise: jeli singers, radios, and political mediation in Mali. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 2001, ISBN 3-89645-213-4 .
119 Burkhard Schnepel (Ed.) One hundred years of "The Interpretation of Dreams". Cultural perspectives in dream interpretation. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 2001, ISBN 3-89645-214-2 .
120 Mamadou Diawara L'empire du verbe et l'éloquence du silence. Vers une anthropologie du discours dans les groupes dits dominés au Sahel . Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 2003, ISBN 3-89645-215-0 .
121 Matthias Krings, Editha Platte (Ed.) Living with the lake. Perspectives on History, Culture, and Economy of Lake Chad. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 2003, ISBN 3-89645-216-9 .
122 Andreas Dafinger Anthropology of space. Studies on the relationship of spatial and social order in southern Burkina Faso. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 2004, ISBN 3-89645-217-7 .
123 Matthias Krings Settlers on Lake Chad. Hausa migrants and the appropriation of local resources in rural Nigeria. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne, ISBN 3-89645-218-5 .
124 Cora Bender, Christian Carstensen, Henry Kammler, Sylvia S. Kasprycki (Eds.) Thing, image, knowledge. Results and perspectives of North American research in Frankfurt am Main, Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 2005, ISBN 3-89645-219-3 .
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126 Sabine Dinslage (Ed.) Leo Frobenius. Animal husbands, magic horns and water spirits. Folktales from Southern Africa. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, Cologne 2009, ISBN 978-3-89645-221-4 .
127 Stephanie Maiwald Beyond "Primitive Art". On the self-image of contemporary artists in Nigeria. Reimer-Verlag, Berlin 2014, ISBN 978-3-496-02867-3 .

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