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Rectors' conference of the Swiss universities
purpose Deepening and further development of the cooperation between the Swiss universities as well as coordination tasks
Chair: Michael Hengartner (President)
Executive Director: Martina Weiss (General Secretary)
Establishment date: January 1, 2015
Number of members: 35 Swiss universities
Seat : Bern

Swissuniversities (spelling: swᴉssunᴉversᴉtᴉes), the Rectors 'Conference of the Swiss Universities, is a Swiss association in which the three former Rectors' Conferences CRUS (universities), KFH (universities of applied sciences) and COHEP (universities of teacher education) have been brought together. It started operations on January 1, 2015.

The main task is to deepen and further develop the cooperation between Swiss universities. To the outside world, the Swiss higher education area can speak with one voice. In addition, the association performs coordination tasks and acts at the international level as a national rectors' conference for all universities, technical colleges and universities of teacher education in Switzerland.


The reason for the establishment is the Federal Act on the Promotion of Universities and Coordination in the Swiss Higher Education Sector (University Promotion and Coordination Act), which also came into force on January 1, 2015. This law is the working basis of the association in order to create synergies between the different types of universities and to promote a common Swiss higher education area. The specific tasks of the three original conferences will continue to be carried out by three chambers.

It was founded in autumn 2012 by CRUS, KFH and COHEP or their members (the universities, technical colleges and universities of teacher education in Switzerland). The merger of the former rectors' conferences CRUS, KFH and COHEP had been prepared by the end of 2014.


The association has the following organs:

  • Plenary assembly
  • three university-specific chambers (universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of teacher education)
  • Board
  • Commissions
  • Delegations and delegates
  • Networks and agencies
  • Projects and programs
  • General Secretariat

Tasks and responsibilities

The Rectors' Conference assumes the following tasks and responsibilities: It takes a position on the business of the Swiss University Conference (SHK) and submits applications to it on behalf of the universities. It also represents the interests of Swiss universities at national and international level. She can take on federal mandates as well as program or project management. In addition, the Rectors' Conference runs an information center for the academic recognition of the equivalence of domestic and foreign student IDs (Swiss ENIC); the responsibilities of the political bodies for professional approvals remain reserved. The Rectors' Conference fulfills its tasks in the plenary assembly , based on delegation decisions of the plenary assembly in the chambers or through delegations or through delegates.

She is u. a. also responsible for registrations and admissions for medical studies in Switzerland.

There is close cooperation with the Swiss University Conference , the highest political body in the higher education sector in Switzerland.

Current members

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