Tauferer valley

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Valley floor near Gais

The Tauferer Tal ( Italian Val di Tures ), usually called Taufers for short , is the valley of the lower reaches of the Ahr in South Tyrol ( Italy ).


The Tauferer Boden with the village of Sand, behind the Taufers Castle the entrance to the Ahrntal

Taufers branches off from the Pustertal near Bruneck and leads from there in a straight line around twelve kilometers in a northerly direction. In its course it overcomes a difference in altitude of only 50 meters. The wide, almost flat valley floor is accompanied by high, steep slopes with hardly any gradation. The mountains on the west side of the valley are included in the Zillertal Alps , on the east side in the Rieserferner group . The only significant side valley in its lower section is the Mühlbachtal , which branches off to the northeast . In the north, Taufers ends on the Tauferer Boden , where three large side valleys converge: the Mühlwalder valley from the west, the Reintal from the east and the Ahrntal from the north. The Tauferer Tal and the Ahrntal together form the lower and upper reaches of the Ahr , which is why they are sometimes summarized under the term Tauferer Ahrntal .

Administratively, Taufers is divided among the municipalities of Bruneck , Gais and Sand in Taufers . At the entrance to the valley are the villages of St. Georgen and Aufhofen , which belong to Bruneck . Further inside the valley follows the community of Gais with the main town of the same name and Uttenheim . The fractions of the municipality Sand in Taufers, namely the main town Sand, Taufers , Mühlen and Kematen , are distributed in the Tauferer Boden . Parts of the eastern valley flanks are under protection in the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park .

Taufers is made accessible for road traffic by the SS 621 . Between 1908 and 1957, the Tauferer Bahn also connected the villages in the valley with Bruneck.


Coordinates: 46 ° 51 '  N , 11 ° 57'  E