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Teodor Regedziński (also Theodor Regedzinski or Theodore Regedzinski ) (born April 28, 1894 in Łódź ; † August 2, 1954 in Łódź) was a Polish chess player . He won several team and individual medals at four Chess Olympiads .

The chess player

Around 1917 Regedziński often played in the Łódź chess club with the Polish chess masters Rubinstein , Salwe and Rotlewi. With the Łódź team Regedziński took part in the first two Polish team championships in 1929 and 1934 and each achieved second place behind the Warsaw selection.

In 1928 he played for his country for the first time at the Chess Olympiad in The Hague , where he achieved the third-best result of all players with a score of 10 points from 13 games and thus contributed significantly to the bronze medal of the Polish team. He played for Poland at the Chess Olympiads in Folkestone in 1933 , in Stockholm in 1937 and in Buenos Aires in 1939 . In total he played 46 games for Poland at the Olympics, the balance was +26 = 14 −6. He won one silver (1939) and two bronze medals (1928 and 1937) in the team competition, and as an individual player also one silver (1937) and two bronze medals (1928 and 1939). He also achieved second place with the Polish team at the unofficial Chess Olympiad in Munich in 1936 .

After the German invasion of Poland in 1939 Regedzińskis hometown Łódź was in the area of the newly formed Military District poses or later Wartheland located, during the German occupation policy in the German Reich incorporated. Regedziński, who signed up on the German People's List , was allowed to take part in German tournaments because of his German roots. In 1940 he played in the Greater German Championship in Bad Oeynhausen . At the championship of the General Government in Kraków in 1941 he appeared under the name Reger , as his ancestors were called.

In 1952 he took part in the 10th Polish championship in Katowice .

His best historical rating was 2545, which he achieved in January 1938.

His life

Regedziński's father was a blacksmith. The ancestors were German and were called Reger . During the Second World War he was called up for German military service in 1941 (after the incorporation of Łódź) and used as an interpreter, as he spoke German , Russian , English and French . In 1945 he returned to Łódź. Here he was arrested for his collaboration with the fascist occupiers and sentenced to four years in a labor camp.

Regedziński was married. His wife died in 1944. He had a son.

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