The Woods

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German title The Woods
Original title The Woods
Country of production USA , Germany , UK
original language English
Publishing year 2006
length 91 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Lucky McKee
script David Ross
production Bryan Furst,
Sean Furst
music John Frizzell ,
Jaye Barnes Luckett
camera John R. Leonetti
cut Dan Lebental ,
Joel Plotch

The Woods is a horror film by Lucky McKee from 2006. The main role is played by the then 18-year-old young actress Agnes Bruckner .


Since 15-year-old Heather rebels against her mother again and again, her parents send her to a boarding school for girls. There is a strict regime there. As if all of this wasn't bad enough, the domineering classmate Samantha makes life difficult for her. They have nightmares at night. During the day she hears soft voices that want to influence her negatively. To vent her despair, she runs into the forest, where she is pursued by indefinable figures when it gets dark. The other girls tell her there is a curse on the school and warn her not to go into the woods again. Three former students are said to be up to mischief there.

In fact, two of the girls, Ann and Marcy, disappear for no apparent reason. Heather previously learned from Ann that all girls with special abilities face a bad fate. Heather also possesses these extraordinary gifts. Because of the mysterious occurrences, Heather's former archenemy confides in her. The boarding school management is responsible for the disappearance of the girls, reports Samantha. Hours later, Samantha is found hanged in the dining room.

Before she died, she arranged for Heather's parents to pick up their daughter from boarding school. All three get into a car accident on the way home. Heather's mother dies in the process. And that her father can no longer stand up for Heather, the boarding school director Ms Traverse ensures during a hospital visit by anesthetizing him for a few hours. When he regains consciousness, he leaves the clinic (secretly) for the boarding school. He now wants to finally free his daughter from the clutches of the boarding school.

As soon as all the girls are asleep, Ms. Traverse begins her ritual, which happens to every student who is endowed with supernatural abilities. The trees in the surrounding forest help her with this. Meandering branches push their way through the window of the dormitory and embrace Heather so that she cannot escape. The other missing girls suddenly appear in the semi-dark room. They appear dazed and are also bound by wooden tendrils. Heather's father penetrates to the dormitory and hands his daughter a hatchet he had brought along, which had already appeared in her nightmares. With that she kills Ms. Traverse and her followers.

Traverse's death - she had recently identified herself as one of the three sisters who were once reviled, humiliated and chased into the forest by her classmates - the spell was broken. The wooden growths are retreating, which meanwhile also kept Heather's father captive. The remaining residents of the boarding school burn the house down and make their way to the nearest town and thus to a new life.

Background information

The budget is estimated at $ 12 million. McGill University in Montreal, Canada served as the film set . The city's film studio was also used (Cité du cinéma).

In the film, all teachers were named after cities in the north of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula .

M. Night Shyamalan intended one of his 2004 films to be titled The Woods . The fact that the name is identical with the local one, which was filmed in 2003, prompted it to be renamed The Village .

Film music

  • Lesley Gore : Young and Foolish
  • Lesley Gore: You Don't Own Me
  • Lesley Gore: Just Let Me Cry
  • In the quiet of the night
  • You don't own me



"A furious special effects finale and genre icon Bruce Campbell as a concerned father compensate for the slow build-up of tension and the lack of extras."

- TV feature film

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