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Theodor Bücher (born January 10, 1914 in Berlin ; † March 18, 1997 ) was a German biochemist .

Books was the son of the CEO of AEG Hermann Bücher and studied chemistry from 1932 at the University of Munich , at the University of Kiel and in Berlin. From 1938 to 1945 he was Otto Warburg's assistant at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Cell Physiology in Berlin, where he received his doctorate in 1942 ( on the energy yield from the photochemical dissociation of carbon monoxide hemoglobin and its influence ). In 1949 he went to the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf , where he completed his habilitation in 1951. In 1953 he became professor of biochemistry at the University of Marburg . From 1963 until his retirement in 1982 he was professor and head of the Institute for Physiological Chemistry and Physical Biochemistry at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich.

He was a member of the Royal Society of Medicine in London (1959), the Leopoldina (1963), the Bavarian Academy of Sciences (1968), the American Chemical Society (1963) and an honorary member of the Societa Italiana di Biologia sperimentale in Naples (1960), the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) (1974), the Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM), the Comite Semana Medica in Buenos Aires (1950), the Society of German Natural Scientists and Doctors (1964) and the International Society for Clinical Enzymology (1987).

In 1955 he became deputy chairman of the Society for Biological Chemistry and in 1967 he became President of the Society for Physiological Chemistry , of which he was later Honorary President. He was involved in building up the FEBS, of which he was president from 1965 to 1967. The European Journal of Biochemistry was founded on his initiative . The Theodor Bücher Lecture of GBM and FEBS was launched in 2003.

In 1974 he received the Otto Warburg Medal , in 1981 the Gabor Szasz Prize of the DGKL for clinical enzymology and in 1986 the Robert Pfleger Research Prize . In 1979 he received the Bavarian Order of Merit . He was an honorary doctor of the University of Marburg (1961).

He was one of the founders of the Friends of the Munich Bach Choir with his second wife.


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