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Markus Theodor von Haupt (born February 2, 1782 in Mainz , † June 12, 1832 in Paris ) was a German lawyer and writer .


Theodore of major was in 1782 as the son of a kurmainzischen Hofkammerrats born († 1822). After his first school education at the Protestant grammar school in Grünstadt , he began to study law at the University of Aschaffenburg . In 1802 he became an official trainee in Aschaffenburg and in 1805 a count's legal counsel in Michelstadt , later in Erbach .

In 1808 he accepted a position as court lawyer in Darmstadt . Here he not only worked as an employee of the Tübinger Morgenblatt, but also made his first literary appearance ("Flowers from Italy", 1808). For his translation of “Le vegli de Tasso” (“Tasso's Nights”, 1809) by Giuseppe Compagnoni (1754–1833), he received the great gold medal of merit from Karl Theodor von Dalberg . Due to an unfortunate liaison with the actress and pantomime Henriette Hendel-Schütz , he turned away from Darmstadt and moved to Hamburg via the Netherlands in 1810 to work as a writer and lawyer.

In Hamburg he gave lectures on French commercial law ( Code de Commerce ), wrote numerous translations and commentaries on French legal and state institutions and represented defendants from Hamburg and Bremen before the Cour Prévôtale (special court for customs offenses in the context of the continental barrier ). During the brief freedom of Hamburg in the spring of 1813 by Friedrich Karl von Tettenborn , he was a citizen guard in the Hamburg citizen military . However, he had to flee to Lauenburg after Louis-Nicolas Davout returned . Here he joined the Northern Army and made it as a liaison officer to the assistant of the English Commissioner General. In April 1814, he and Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte entered Paris, which was occupied by the Allies .

After the peace treaty he joined the Prussian judicial service as a district judge and instructing judge in Düsseldorf , became a higher regional judge in Trier in 1820 and retired to private life in his home town of Mainz in 1827 . His work Jacobe, Duchess of Jülich, born Margravine of Baden , whose bones were transferred from the Düsseldorf Kreuzherrenkirche to St. Lambertus under his direction , earned him medals of merit from the King of Bavaria and the Grand Duke of Baden. After the July Revolution of 1830 , he returned to Paris via Strasbourg . On June 12, 1832, he committed suicide there with a firearm.

Works (selection)

  • Tasso's nights , 1809
  • Hamburg and Marshal Davoust , 1814
  • Aehrenlese from prehistoric times , 1816
  • Jacobe, Duchess of Jülich, born Margravine of Baden , 1820 ( digitized version )
  • Epheu wreaths , 1821
  • Mechtilde , 1821


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