Thomas I (Savoy)

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Thomas I of Savoy (* May 20, 1177 ; † March 6, 1233 ) was the only son of Humbert III. of Savoy and his wife Beatrix of Burgundy.

He joined the imperial-friendly party in Italy ( Ghibellines ), whereupon Philip of Swabia gave him the Piedmontese fiefs of Chieri and Testona and the Vaudois fiefdom of Moudon . Frederick II appointed him imperial vicar in Lombardy in Italy in 1226 . At the end of his life, Thomas of Savoy preferred the general title Count of Savoy , after he had previously called himself Count von Maurienne .

Marriage and offspring

Thomas of Savoy married Béatrice Marguerite of Geneva (1179–1236) in 1196 .


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