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Tonio Schachinger (2019)

Antonio "Tonio" Schachinger (born January 29, 1992 in New Delhi , India ) is an Austrian writer .

life and work

Tonio Schachinger's father is an Austrian diplomat, the mother an artist of Mexican - Ecuadorian origin. They met in Vienna, where their mother had studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts . Due to the father's job, the family initially commuted between Nicaragua and Vienna, where Schachinger stayed after his parents divorced. There are family contacts to Ecuador on the mother's side.

Schachinger is studying Romance and German studies at the University of Vienna and the arts of language at the University of Applied Arts , where he was co-editor of the literary magazine Jenny . The diploma thesis on subversive strategies in contemporary Austrian rap texts is in preparation.

In 2018 Schachinger and the artist Anna Schachinger published the illustrated book Sicherheit , to which he contributed the text Sicherheit, Umzug, Interieur .

As an author, he gained fame in the German-speaking area in 2019 through his debut novel Not Like You, published by Kremayr & Scheriau . The story of the wealthy Austrian professional soccer player and family man Ivo, who starts an affair with his childhood sweetheart Mirna, was shortlisted for the German Book Prize 2019. The jury praised Schachinger's novel for the Viennese language and wonderful soccer metaphors as well as the snotty, funny and original narrative voice.

According to Schachinger, the novel had its starting point in a course given by the Austrian author Anna Kim , who also supported him during the writing process and in the later search for a publisher. The active hobby soccer player Schachinger researched the material with the help of soccer players' social media channels. He also took part in training for the Austrian national team several times . Like you, he does not understand Not as a roman-clef and deliberately omits the everyday work of the soccer player. Schachinger hopes that Not, like you, will not be received as a mere story about football, but will be received as a critical view of the "messed up image of men" in football or turbo- capitalism.

Tonio Schachinger lives in Vienna.

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