Kremayr & Scheriau

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Publishing house Kremayr & Scheriau GmbH & Co. KG

legal form KG
founding 1951
Seat Vienna
management Martin Scheriau
Branch Non-fiction

Verlag Kremayr & Scheriau is an Austrian book publisher based in Vienna .


Martin Scheriau, 2014

The publishing house Kremayr & Scheriau was founded in 1951 by Rudolf Kremayr and Wilhelm Scheriau. In the early years he was the most important licensing publisher for the then still young book club Donauland . Kremayr & Scheriau developed into one of the leading publishers in Austria. In 1966, Bertelsmann took part in the Donauland book club and subsequently also in the Kremayr & Scheriau publishing house.

Some of the greatest successes during this time were: The “So I saw…” books by Hugo Portisch and his “opus magnum” “Austria I” and “Austria II”, the memoirs by Bruno Kreisky , the “Austrian Century” by Hellmut Andics or the bestsellers by Hans Bankl , etc. a. "The pathologist knows everything, but too late ...". Felix Czeike's six-volume “Historische Lexikon Wien” is still the standard reference work on Vienna today.

In 1991 the Orac-Sachbuchverlag was taken over. Founded in 1975 by Norbert Orac, in the beginning Orac mainly published books on the subject of sport - Heinz Prüller's Grand Prix stories, the biographies of Jochen Rindt and Niki Lauda . Soon, however, critical non-fiction and books on health and advice were included in the program. With the health bestsellers from Ulf Böhmig or psychology advisors such as “Fairy Tales That Help the Children” from Gerlinde Ortner, Kremayr & Scheriau gained a strong second pillar through the purchase of Orac.

Leo Mazakarini , former program director at Orac, was subsequently responsible for both programs until he retired in 2000. The greatest bestseller of this era was the cookbook by Ewald Plachutta and Christoph Wagner “Die gute Küche”, of which over 400,000 copies have been sold to date. In the political field, Hans Henning Scharsach's “Haider's Struggle” was at the top of the Austrian bestseller lists for weeks. In 2002 Martin Scheriau, the son of the publisher's co-founder, took over the shares in Bertelsmann and has been the sole owner ever since. Leo Mazakarini came back as a publisher and designed the program of the two publishers until 2006. Barbara Köszegi has been the program manager since 2006. The program focuses on politics, culture and current affairs at K&S, health, psychology and cookbooks at Orac.

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