Wartegg (municipalities of Fehring, Sankt Martin)

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Wartegg ( Rotte )
Wartegg (municipalities of Fehring, Sankt Martin) (Austria)
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Basic data
Pole. District , state Südoststeiermark  (SO), Styria
Judicial district Feldbach
Pole. local community Fehring   ( KG  slate )
Locality slate
Coordinates 46 ° 54 '59 "  N , 16 ° 3' 42"  E Coordinates: 46 ° 54 '59 "  N , 16 ° 3' 42"  E
height 351  m above sea level A.
Building status 12 (addresses 2019 f1)
Post Code 8350 Fehring slate
Statistical identification
Counting district / district Slate (62378 004)
Addresses slate ; Parts of the place also in St. Martin ad Raab , Burgenland
Source: STAT : Place directory ; BEV : GEONAM ; GIS-Stmk


Wartegg is a small town on the border between East Styrian hill country and southern Burgenland , and belongs to the city of Fehring in the district of Southeast Styria , Styria and the market town of Sankt Martin an der Raab in the Jennersdorf district , Burgenland .


Wartegg (location component f0)
Basic data
Pole. District , state Jennersdorf  (JE), Burgenland
Judicial district Gussing
Pole. local community Sankt Martin an der Raab   ( KG  Welten )
Locality Worlds
Coordinates 46 ° 54 '59 "  N , 16 ° 3' 42"  E
f3 f0
Building status 6 (addresses 2019 f1)
Statistical identification
Counting district / district Worlds (10509 001)
Not listed in OVZ 2001; Addresses Deutscheck ; Parts of the place also in Fehring , Styria
Source: STAT : Ortverzeichnis ; BEV : GEONAM ; GIS-Bgld


The place is a good 4 kilometers southeast of Fehring and a good 5 km west of St. Martin , on the right bank above the Raab valley , south of Schiefer und Welten . It is located in the Neuhauser Hügelland , on the Riedel between Groppibach and Schwabenbach , the Hirzenriegel, at around 350  m above sea level. A. Height. The hill directly northeast of the village is the Brandriegel  ( 351  m above sea level ).

The Deutscheckerweg / Grenzweg von Welten road leads up through the village . The north-western part belongs to the village of Schiefer in the city of Fehring , the south-eastern part to the locality Deutscheck in the village of Welten von Sankt Martin an der Raab, a total of almost 20 addresses.

Neighboring places:
(Gem. Fehring, Styria)

(Gem. Sankt Martin adR, Bgld.)
Petersdorf I (Gem. Fehring, Styria)
Neighboring communities
Hirzenriegel (Gem. Fehring)
Deutscheck (Gem. Sankt Martin adR, Bgld.)
Schwabengraben (Gem. Sankt Martin adR, Bgld.)

Districts also in Mühlgraben , Bgld., And adjacent houses from Schiefer, Gem. Fehring.

History and infrastructure

The place name Wartegg (Warteck) refers to a border post against the Hungarians , which can be dated back to the 10th or 11th century. The Kingdom of Hungary was founded around the year 1000, at which time the Mark Steyer came into being . Since Hungary belonged to the Habsburg Monarchy, the border location with German West Hungary lost its importance. After the First World War, Burgenland came to Austria in 1921, which shifted the state border eastwards to the triangle of three countries.

The place lies on the edge of the cross-border nature park Raab-Őrség-Goričko , the Austrian part is the Burgenland nature park Raab . The Neuhauser Hügelland cycle path  (B70) leads through the village , with a 43.3 km long circuit from St. Martin via Oberdrosen , Tauka , Kalch , Neuhaus am Klausenbach , the Hirzenriegel , Welten and Doiber back to St. Martin.


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