Raab (river)

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Rába, Raba
The Raab in Rum, Hungary

The Raab in Rum , Hungary

location Austria , Hungary
River system Danube
Drain over Danube  → Black Sea
source Raabursprung on the Osser
47 ° 20 '43 "  N , 15 ° 30' 55"  E
Source height 1150  m above sea level A.
muzzle In Győr in the Moson-Danube coordinates: 47 ° 41 '25 "  N , 17 ° 37' 49"  E 47 ° 41 '25 "  N , 17 ° 37' 49"  E
Mouth height 118  m
Height difference 1032 m
Bottom slope 4.1 ‰
length 250 km
Catchment area 10,400.9 km²
Drain MQ
18 m³ / s
Left tributaries Lafnitz , Pinka , Güns
Big cities Győr
Medium-sized cities Gleisdorf , Feldbach , Jennersdorf , Körmend , Sárvár
Raabursprung south of the Teichalm

Raabursprung south of the Teichalm

Mouth of the Raab in Győr

Mouth of the Raab in Győr

The Raab ( Hungarian Rába , Slovak Rába, Slovenian Raba , Latin Arrabo ) is a right bank tributary to the Danube with a total length of 250 km.


Run and landscape

The river rises at the foot of the Osser in the municipality of Hohenau an der Raab ( Teichalm ) in Styria and flows first in a south-easterly, then in an easterly direction. Between Arzberg and Oberdorf the Raab flows through the Raabklamm , the longest gorge in Austria. Its tributaries include the Weizbach , Lafnitz , Pinka , Güns and Marcal . Styrian places on the Raab are Hohenau an der Raab , Passail , Sankt Ruprecht , Gleisdorf , Feldbach , Fehring , Hohenbrugg. The Raab flows a short distance through southern Burgenland and crosses the border to Hungary between Jennersdorf and Szentgotthárd . At Mogersdorf , the Raab forms the state border on two short sections. At Csákánydoroszló , a little east of the border, the river changes direction and flows from here to the mouth to the northeast. The Raab flows past Sárvár and flows in Győr into the Mosoni Duna ( Moson Danube or Little Danube), a right branch of the Danube .


Power generation

In Styria , the Raab is used in numerous small hydropower plants to generate electricity. There is only one small power plant in Burgenland .


In Burgenland and Hungary, canoe and rubber boat trips are offered on the Raab.

"Foaming Raab"

The increased foam formation on the Raab, which is mainly attributed to the discharge of chemically cleaned wastewater from two leather factories in Styria and Burgenland, as well as to the Fürstenfeld geothermal energy , repeatedly causes disputes between Austria and Hungary. In May 2007, there was renewed excitement from Hungary about the foaming Raab in the media. Greenpeace had exceeded limit values ​​and a. found for surfactants, iron and phosphate, but Austrian authorities remained inactive for a long time, pointing out that limit values ​​were being observed or that other authorities were responsible.

After the Hungarian environmental organization Pronas at the beginning of June 2007 called for a boycott of Austrian beer - with the comment that it foams exactly like the Raab - and a little later called for a general boycott of Austrian products and announced further protests, the matter received more media attention and finally Hungarian politicians threatened to sue Austria with the EU for cross-border environmental pollution.

The Austrian Environment Minister Josef Pröll and his Hungarian counterpart Gábor Fodor met on June 26, 2007 and signed an action program, according to which Austria tightened the environmental requirements for tanneries, new limit values ​​for u. a. Determine chloride and carry out more intensive checks. In addition, the Fürstenfeld geothermal system was to be closed by 2009 and replaced by a biomass power plant.

In October 2010 the Raab was contaminated with corrosive red mud via the feeder river Marcal after the Kolontár dam burst .

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