Vadim Gusev

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Vadim Gusev biathlon
Full name Vadimas Gusevas
Association LithuaniaLithuania Lithuania
birthday June 16, 1981
place of birth Visaginas,  Soviet UnionSoviet UnionSoviet Union 
Debut in the European Cup / IBU Cup 2001 (cross-country skiing)
2003 (biathlon)
Debut in the World Cup 2003 (biathlon)
status resigned
End of career 2005
World Cup balance
last change: end of career

Vadim Gusev (born June 16, 1981 in Visaginas ) is a former Lithuanian cross-country skier and biathlete .

Vadim Gusev was initially active as a cross-country skier. Towards the end of 2001, he competed in his first FIS races and races in the Cross-Country Continental Cup without achieving any results worth mentioning. Nevertheless, he was nominated for the 2002 Winter Olympics by Salt Lake City . At the Soldier Hollow competitions , the Lithuanian finished 52nd in the freestyle sprint, 55th in the 50-kilometer classic, 59th in the 15-kilometer classic and 63rd in the 30-kilometer freestyle mass start race and in the double pursuit. He had to finish the latter after the classic part because he could not qualify for the skating part. The following year Gusev took part in the 2003 Winter Universiade in Tarvisio and came in 34th over the 10-kilometer classic and 36th in the freestyle sprint.

For the 2003/04 season , Gusev switched from cross-country skiing to biathlon. He contested his first race as part of the European Cup in Ridnaun , where he was 72nd in a sprint. This was followed by the first races in the Biathlon World Cup in Osrblie . In his first individual the Lithuanian was 103rd, in the following sprint he was able to reach the top 100 for the first time with rank 100. The first international championship in the new sport was the 2004 biathlon world championships in Oberhof . Gusev finished 85th in the individual and 88th in the sprint. This was followed by the 2004 European Biathlon Championships in Minsk , where he was 46th in the sprint and 41st in the pursuit. The season ended with the 2004 Military World Ski Championships in Östersund . In the 10-kilometer freestyle race in cross-country skiing he was 36th, in the biathlon sprint 61st. Early in the 2004/05 season , Gusev achieved his best World Cup result in 71st a sprint in Oslo . The Biathlon World Championships 2005 in Hochfilzen were the last highlight and career completion . In the individual, he finished 95th, with 82nd in the sprint he achieved one of his best international placings in his last race.

World Cup statistics

The table shows all placements (depending on the year, including the Olympic Games and World Championships).

  • 1st - 3rd Place: Number of podium placements
  • Top 10: Number of placements in the top ten (including podium)
  • Points ranks: Number of placements within the point ranks (including podium and top 10)
  • Starts: Number of races run in the respective discipline
placement singles sprint persecution Mass start Season total
1st place  
2nd place  
3rd place  
Top 10  
Starts 7th 13       20th
Status: end of career

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