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Valentin Roschacher (2003)

Valentin Roschacher (born March 23, 1960 in Zurich ) is a Swiss lawyer and painter.


Valentin Roschacher grew up in Herrliberg on Lake Zurich. 1981-1987 he studied law at the University of Zurich and-actuated 1986 and 1987, a licentiate of law . Between 1988 and 1991 he did his doctorate at the University of Zurich with a dissertation on "The criminal provisions of the Federal Law on Residence and Settlement of Foreigners (ANAG)". In 1991 he completed a court internship and was admitted to the Zurich bar in 1993. From 1992 to 1995 Roschacher was a district attorney at the Zurich District Attorney's Office. In 1995 he became head of the central offices for combating drug trafficking and counterfeiting . From February 1996 he was Deputy Head of the Central Criminal Police Office before becoming a federal prosecutor on March 1, 2000 .


On July 5, 2006, he announced that he was stepping down from his post at the end of 2006. The Weltwoche wrote on 1 June 2006, he was in the money laundering case against Oskar Holenweger from his informants José Manuel Ramos been done. Roschacher rejected this. The Federal Criminal Court came to the conclusion in April 2011 that the use of Ramos had been illegal and sharply criticized the investigative methods of the Federal Prosecutor's Office and the Federal Criminal Police. The court acquitted Holenweger on all points. The Neue Zürcher Zeitung spoke of a "fiasco" and the biggest setback that the federal prosecutor had to take.

The exact background of Roschacher's forced resignation is not known to the public. On September 5, 2007, the Audit Commission expressed suspicions that there had been a plan for his removal, in which, in addition to Holenweger, the Justice Department, which was then headed by Federal Councilor Christoph Blocher , had been involved. This suspicion could not be confirmed. The " Roschacher case " was an important campaign topic in the 2007 Swiss parliamentary elections .


Since his resignation, Roschacher has devoted himself full-time to painting. In November 2007 he exhibited his pictures with mountain landscapes for the first time in the Bernese gallery Christine Brügger. In 2008 exhibitions followed in Latina / Rome and Zurich. In 2009 Roschacher showed his paintings in a solo exhibition in Moscow. His works are widely represented in the collection at Galerie Bromer in Roggwil BE , including his monumental panorama of the Bernese Alps. As part of this exhibition, a monograph on his artistic work was also published by Benteli-Verlag.

After a phase with more expressionistic depictions, Roschacher turned to hyperrealism . His pictures are often made with a single-hair brush. They show the mountains of the Swiss Alps .

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