Victoria - Men & Other Misadventures

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German title Victoria - Men & Other Misadventures
Original title Victoria
Country of production France
original language French
Publishing year 2016
length 97 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Justine Triet
script Justine Triet
Thomas Lévy-Lasne
production Emmanuel Chaumet
camera Simon Beaufils
cut Laurent Sénéchal

Victoria Men & Other Misfortunes is a 2016 French feature film directed by Justine Triet .


Victoria Spick is a single mother of two young children, has worked as a lawyer for ten years and is permanently on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Her babysitter quits her because she is never home, and so a friend steps in when Victoria spends another evening away, this time to attend the wedding of her boyfriend Axel. At the wedding she sees a former client again: The young Samuel Mallet was defended by her when he was charged with drug dealing. Sam is happy to see Victoria again, he has improved, is off drugs and is now looking for a job or training. He would like to become a lawyer; Victoria wishes him luck.

At the wedding there is an incident between the extroverted couple Vincent, Victoria's best friend, and his on-off lover Eve. Vincent wants to part with Eve as he confides in Victoria. A little later, Eve collapses with a knife stab in the stomach and Vincent is charged with attempted murder. Vincent claims Eve did the sting on herself. He asks Victoria to be his lawyer, and she agrees against her better judgment. Her private situation eases a bit when she takes Sam in for a probationary period. He offers her to be her husband in the background, to take care of the children and the household and to learn from her on the side. Victoria tries to eliminate her permanent sexual dissatisfaction with one-night stands, but fails, and her visits to the psychiatrist and fortune teller do not help her either. Besides Vincent's trial, she is also involved in another. Since her ex-husband David spreads her life in unencrypted blog posts all over the world and also divulges professional secrets, she sued him for damage to his reputation.

One day, when Victoria is intercepted by an opposing witness outside her house and speaks to her, the judicial disciplinary committee suspended her from work for six months. The fact that Vincent and Eve want to give their chaotic relationship a second chance and become a couple again causes a final breakdown for Victoria. For six months she hides at home and is more bad than a housewife and mother, with the apartment sinking into chaos. Sam has moved out because she can no longer provide for him with her low income. After six months, she asks him to come back to her. Both get closer and sleep together, but Victoria rejects a real relationship with Sam, as both now work more closely together professionally. Sam makes himself indispensable for Victoria, but he gets more and more the feeling of being invisible to her as a person. He is therefore leaving the day before the final plea on the Vincent matter.

In court, Victoria succeeds in getting Vincent to be acquitted, not least thanks to Sam's work. Their own case is only partially successful: Although David is obliged to change the names of his blog characters and to pay Victoria a small amount of compensation for pain and suffering, he is still allowed to run his blog and strive for a film adaptation of the content. A short time later, Victoria meets Sam again. She confesses to him that she has realized that she loves him. There is reconciliation.


Victoria Men & Other Mishaps was the second feature film directed by Justine Triet after The President and My Children . Filming began in July 2015 and lasted around two months. Victoria was shot in Levallois-Perret , Nanterre (prefecture; scenes with the fortune teller), Paris and in the film studios Bry-sur-Marne . The costumes were created by Charlotte Vaysse , the film construction was done by Olivier Meidinger . One song that can be heard recurring in the film is Harry Nilssons Without Her .

Victoria Men & Other Mishaps premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival on May 12, 2016 . The film opened the Semaine de la critique. It was released in French cinemas on September 14, 2016, where it was seen by around 520,000 viewers. It was shown in Austria on October 28, 2016 as part of the Viennale and was released in German cinemas on May 4, 2017.


role actor Voice actor
Victoria Spick Virginie Efira Katrin Zimmermann
Samuel Mallet Vincent Lacoste Tobias Diakow
judge Julie Moulier Kerstin Draeger
Acupuncturist Vincent Dietschy Martin Sabel


Victoria - Men & other misfortunes received five César nominations in 2017 in the categories of Best Actress , Best Supporting Actor (Vincent Lacoste, Melvil Poupaud), Best Original Screenplay and Best Film , but could not win any of the awards. Virginie Efira was nominated for a Prix ​​Lumières for Best Actress in 2017 and won a Magritte for Best Actress .

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