Westerberg (Baumberge)

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View of the Westerberg with the Longinusturm

View of the Westerberg with the Longinusturm

height 188.7  m above sea level NHN
location North Rhine-Westphalia , Germany
Mountains Mountains of trees
Coordinates 51 ° 57 '36 "  N , 7 ° 21' 56"  E Coordinates: 51 ° 57 '36 "  N , 7 ° 21' 56"  E
Westerberg (Baumberge) (North Rhine-Westphalia)
Westerberg (Baumberge)
particularities - Longinusturm ( AT )
- Nottuln transmitter
The Longinus Tower

The Westerberg , also called Westerather Berg , is 188.7  m above sea level. NHN the highest elevation of the Westfälischen bay located tree mountains and Münster country . The Longinusturm observation tower and the WDR broadcaster Münster-Baumberge stand on it .

Geographical location

The Westerberg is located with its unforested hilltop in Westmünsterland between Böckinghausen (eastern district of Billerbeck ), Lasbeck (southwestern district of Havixbeck ) and Stevern (northeastern district of Nottuln ). The Stever rises south of the mountain , to the northeast are the Hangsbach springs and to the east the Lasbecker Aaquellen and Arningquelle .

From the aforementioned districts, the Westerberg can be visited on regional and district roads. The hamlet of Baumberg (zu Billerbeck) and a sandstone quarry are located on the K 19, which leads over the northern highlands .

Longinus Tower

On the Westerberg stands the Longinusturm , an approximately 32 m high observation tower, which was built between 1897 and 1901 by the Baumberge Association from Baumberger sand-lime bricks . As the “crown” of the tree mountains, it is the most important excursion destination of the ridge and is normally open from February to December (closed on Mondays). The tower offers a view of the Baumberge and Westphalian Bay, for example.

Hiking and tree mountain snail

The Westerberg and Longinusturm are popular starting and ending points for hikes that lead, for example, into the Stevertal or come from there. From the Longiniusturm, a former airport bus that has been converted into a sightseeing bus drives through the wooded landscape under the name "Baumbergschnecke". Furthermore, Segway tours offered through the tree mountains.


Excursion destinations in the vicinity of the Westerberg next to the landscape of the Baumberge are:

Individual evidence

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