Widu-Wolfgang Ehlers

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Widu-Wolfgang Ehlers (born April 12, 1941 in Hamburg ) is a German classical philologist .


Ehlers studied Classical Philology (with Hartmut Erbse , Heinz Haffter , Ulrich Knoche , Bruno Snell and Fritz Wehrli ) and philosophy (with Klaus Oehler and Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker ) at the Universities of Hamburg and Zurich from 1961 to 1967 . He received his doctorate in Hamburg in 1967 and then worked there as a scientific assistant, and from 1971 as a senior scientific adviser. After his habilitation in 1979, he received a C-2 professorship in Hamburg in 1981. 1985–1987 he was Dean of the Department of History. In 1989 he followed a call to the Free University of Berlin , where he held a C-4 professorship. From 1993–95 he was dean of the Department of Classical Studies, 2001–2003 Prostudiendekan, 2003–2007 he was dean of the Department of Philosophy and Humanities. He retired on April 1, 2008; his successor was Therese Fuhrer .

Ehlers was secretary of the Mommsen Society from 1978-83 . 1992–1999 he was a member of the Comité scientifique of the Fondation Hardt in Vandœuvres near Geneva . 1996–1999 he was chairman of the Central Library Commission of the Free University of Berlin. 1996–2007 member of the Classical Studies Commission of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and 2000–2008 expert reviewer of the German Research Foundation .

Together with Bernd Seidensticker, he was the managing editor of Philologus from 1998 to 2012 .

In his research work, Ehlers mainly devotes himself to text criticism, the history of transmission and the edition of Latin texts. In addition, he deals with the Roman Satura, the Roman literature of the first century AD (the so-called "Silver Epic") and with neo-Latin literature . He is one of the editors of the Vulgate German.

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