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Bülstringen municipality
Wieglitz coat of arms
Coordinates: 52 ° 21 ′ 25 ″  N , 11 ° 19 ′ 19 ″  E
Height : 59 m
Area : 5.14 km²
Residents : 188  (December 31, 2008)
Population density : 37 inhabitants / km²
Incorporation : January 1, 2010
Postal code : 39345
Area code : 039058

Wieglitz is a part of the municipality Bülstringen in the district of Börde in Saxony-Anhalt .


Wieglitz is located about 5 km southeast of Calvörde on the edge of the Drömling Nature Park .

The following were identified as living spaces in the former municipality:


The village is of Wendish origin. It was first mentioned in a document in 1381 or 1383 in a petition from a priest Johann von Braunschweig to Duke Friedrich von Braunschweig as wyghelze . There is evidence of a school from 1664.

The previously independent community of Wieglitz was incorporated into Bülstringen on January 1, 2010.



The last mayor of Wieglitz was Walter Benkhardt.

coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on November 17, 1998 by the Magdeburg Regional Council.

Blazon : "In silver on a green three-mountain, a nine-jet blue fountain between two facing green oaks with two black fruits each."

The village of Wieglitz lies on the Flechtinger ridge ; The Wieglitz Mountains, in which a spring once gushed - the so-called Klare Grete fall within its boundaries . It poured between the numerous oak trees around them. Although this source has dried up today, it was the wish and resolution of the municipality to include the above-mentioned events in the municipality's coat of arms. This was realized in a stylized form in accordance with heraldic customs. The Dreiberg symbolizes the Flechtinger mountain range or the Wieglitzer mountains. An oak grows to the right and left of the Dreiberg, which also points to the densely wooded Flechtinger ridge. The Klare Grete was finally shown as a blue Spring.

The former municipality colors are green - silver (white).

The coat of arms was designed by the municipal heraldist Jörg Mantzsch .


The flag is green and white striped with the coat of arms of the municipality.

Economy and Infrastructure


The federal road 24 runs through the village. The federal road 245 is 10 km to the south. The place is otherwise connected to its neighboring places by district roads. The Mittelland Canal , one of the most important waterways in Saxony-Anhalt, runs through Wieglitz .



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