William of Malavalle

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Representation in the Buxheim choir stalls by Ignaz Waibel

Wilhelm von Malavalle , it. Guglielmo di Malavalle , French Guillaume de Malavalle (also Maleval ) (* possibly around 1100; † 1157 in the Malavalle hermitage near Castiglione della Pescaia , Province of Grosseto , Tuscany , Italy ) was a hermit and ascetic . After his death, his students Albert and Renald founded the Hermit Congregation of the Wilhelmites with the Maleval monastery.


Little reliable has come down to us on the biography of Wilhelm von Malavalle. He is said to have converted after a dissolute life and made pilgrimages to Jerusalem and Santiago de Compostela . On the advice of Pope Eugene III. he retired as a hermit in a desert in Tuscany "in stabulo Rhodis" (in the stable of Rhodi), "quod hodie dicitur Malauallis" (which is now called Malavalle). The reputation of his piety spread; many pilgrims sought him out as counselors in that remote valley.

Canonization and devotion

William of Malavalle was in 1202 by Pope Innocent III. recognized as a saint. His festival is February 10th .

Guglielmo di Malavalle is the patron saint of the Italian municipality of Fascia in the province of Genoa .

Representation in art history

From the 13th century onwards, the figure of the saint often depicted in Christian art merged with the Carolingian Wilhelm of Aquitaine on glass windows .

An artistically outstanding representation of Wilhelm is located near Witzenhausen in Hesse, where there was a branch monastery .



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