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The economic statistics is the study of the systematic recording, presentation and interpretation of economic facts using statistical methods.


Economic statistics are devoted to a wide range of topics:

  • the formulation of material questions on the basis of economic theoretical concepts, economic policy objectives and demographic or social requirements
  • the recording, processing and presentation of the relevant facts and
  • the evaluation and interpretation of the results

Objects of economic statistics

The economic statistics deal with u. a. the following subject areas. Redirects to statistics within Wikipedia are given.


The questions of economic statistics arise from economics as well as from business administration . The economic theory gives rise to tasks such as B.

and from business theory, e.g. B.

  • Determination of the production result
  • Quality control
  • Inventory analysis.

Theoretical economic and demographic concepts must be transferred to statistical categories (process of adequacy and operationalization ). The content of the categories must come as close as possible to these concepts and be practically, technically, legally and financially feasible. The aim is to overcome the discrepancy between economic theoretical, abstract conceptual constructions and model terms and the statistical terms that can be operationalized as well as possible.

In addition, economic and demographic facts must be recorded, processed and presented with the help of suitable statistical methods and procedures, and the results obtained must be analyzed and interpreted.


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