Wolfgang Pechhold

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Wolfgang Pechhold (born October 5, 1930 in Beuthen ; † June 19, 2010 ) was a German physicist and university professor.


Pechhold, who comes from Upper Silesia, studied physics at the Technical University of Darmstadt and the University of Stuttgart . At the latter doctorate he at Hans-Otto Kneser 1960 on the physics of metals before it on there in 1965 Physics of Polymers habilitated .

In 1967 Pechhold was awarded the Gustav Hertz Prize of the German Physical Society for his work on polymers. 1968 Pechhold was at the Stuttgart University for extraordinary professor appointed. In 1971 he accepted a call from the University of Ulm , which was being established , to head the department for applied physics there. In the following years he took on numerous tasks in the administration of the physics faculty and the university. After he chaired the teaching committee for physics, he took over the office of dean of the faculty for science and mathematics between 1983 and 1985. He was then Vice-Rector for two four-year terms before becoming Rector of Ulm University in 1991. Until his retirement in 1995 he held the office that he used to intensify international contacts and internationalize the university. With the help of his research activities and the resulting industrial contacts, the "Institute for Dynamic Materials Testing" was founded in 1994, which is located in the Ulm Science Park . Here he continued his research after the end of his university career.

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