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Xavier Koller holds the Oscar in 1991, Alfi Sinniger (left) and Peter-Christian Fueter (right) both producers, and Dustin Hoffman as the award winner.

Xavier Koller (born June 17, 1944 in Ibach , Schwyz ) is a Swiss film director and screenwriter .


Koller first completed an apprenticeship as a precision mechanic , then attended the Zurich Acting Academy and then worked as an actor for a few years.

In 1979 he made The Frozen Heart , a film adaptation of Meinrad Inglin's funeral of an umbrella flicker . The black Tanner followed in 1985 , which is also based on a story by Inglin.

In 1984 Koller founded the production company Catpics AG.

In 1990 Koller shot the film drama Journey of Hope about an Alevi family who want to emigrate to Switzerland. In 1991 the film was awarded the Oscar for best foreign language film .

In 2000 he filmed Kurt Tucholsky's novel Schloß Gripsholm , the plot being expanded with biographical set pieces from Tucholsky's life. In his 2001 film Ring of Fire (OT: Cowboy Up ), Kiefer Sutherland , Daryl Hannah and Molly Ringwald can be seen in the leading roles. A little, dr Dällebach Kari , a film about the Bernese hairdresser and the city original Karl Tellenbach , celebrated its premiere in 2012 at the Solothurn Film Festival.

In 2012 Koller filmed The Black Brothers , based on the youth novel by Lisa Tetzner and Kurt Held . The historical film adaptation of the novel with Moritz Bleibtreu in the lead role was shown for the first time in 2013 as part of the 9th Zurich Film Festival . Koller then worked on the film adaptation of the famous Swiss children's story Schellen-Ursli , which was released in cinemas in October 2015.

Koller has lived and worked in Los Angeles since 1991 .

Koller's estate is kept in the Cinémathèque suisse ( Swiss film archive ).


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