A little, Dr Dällebach Kari

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German title Somebody like me, the Dällebach Kari
Original title A little, Dr Dällebach Kari
Country of production Switzerland
original language Swiss German
Publishing year 2012
length 111 minutes
Director Xavier Koller
script Xavier Koller
production Alfi Sinniger
music Bachmann courtship
camera Felix von Muralt
cut Rosa Albrecht ,
Gion-Reto Killias

A little, dr Dällebach Kari is a Swiss movie. It tells the life of the Bernese city ​​original Karl Tellenbach . The implementation is based on the play Dällebach Kari by Livia Anne Richard, staged in 2006 at the Gurten Theater .


Kari Tellenbach is born with a harelip . His mother nurses him like a little bird that has fallen out of its nest. As a young man, Kari became a hairdresser and, despite his disability, won the heart of the beautiful, rich Annemarie with his wit, charm and sensitivity. His luck seems almost perfect, but Annemarie's middle-class parents have other plans for their daughter.


The premiere of the film marked the beginning of the 47th Solothurn Film Festival on January 19, 2012 .

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