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Árpád Vajda [ ˈaːrpaːd ˈvɒjdɒ ] (born May 2, 1896 in Rimaszombat ( Ger . Großsteffelsdorf), Austria-Hungary , today Rimavská Sobota , Slovakia; † October 25, 1967 in Budapest ) was a Hungarian chess master .

Vajda's father was a journalist, the family moved from Rimaszombat to Paks and later to Zalaegerszeg. Vajda had known chess since childhood; he played his first games with his grandmother. As a nine-year-old, inspired by the successes and games of the Hungarian grandmaster Géza Maróczy , he deepened his preoccupation with the game.

Vajda started high school in Nitra , continued in Zalaegerszeg and passed the Matura in Budapest . From 1916 to 1918 he took part in the First World War as a soldier . Vajda studied law and political science at Loránd Eötvös University , where he received his doctorate in 1921. Until his retirement he remained in the civil service with the Hungarian police.

Vajda had been a member of the Budapest Chess Club, the successor to the Pest Chess Club , since 1913 . He was the last chairman when it was dissolved in 1951. At the Hungarian Chess Federation he was team leader from 1945 to 1949, then a member of the executive committee. Vajda was a member of the editorial team of Magyar Sakkvilág from 1922 to 1950 and later he published a lot in the chess magazine. In 1956 he was awarded the Gold Medal for Sports Merit.

In 1928 Vajda won the Hungarian championship in Budapest. Vajda took part in the Chess Olympiads with Hungary in 1927 , 1928 , 1930 , 1931 , 1933 and 1937 . With the team he won in 1927 and 1928 and reached second place in 1930 and 1937. He also represented Hungary at the unofficial Chess Olympiads in 1924 , 1926 and 1936 . He won with the team in 1926 and 1936 and came in second in 1924. Further successes were 2nd place in 1923 in Portsmouth, 5th place in 1927 in Kecskemét and 4th place in Budapest 1929. In 1950 he received the title of International Master .

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