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AD stands for:

AD as a distinguishing mark on license plates:

A / D stands for:

Ad stands for:

  • Ad (given name) , a Dutch male given name
  • ʿĀd , a people in Oman mentioned in the Koran
  • ʿĀd, the son of Uz, the son of Aram in the Arabic tradition
  • Advertisement , as the English abbreviation of Advertisement

a. D. stands for:

ad stands for:

  • a dato (Latin "from this date"), see list of Latin phrases / A # A dato
  • adolescent / adolescere (from Latin “growing up”), see adolescence
  • adult (from Latin "grown up"), in biology the phase of life after an animal has reached sexual maturity
  • Latin for the preposition “an”, “bei”, “zu”, see also Wiktionary: ad

.ad stands for:

  • .ad , the top-level domain of the Principality of Andorra

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