Eight hours is not a day

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Television series
Original title Eight hours is not a day
Country of production Federal Republic of Germany (FRG)
original language German
Year (s) 1972-1973
West German radio
length 88-101 minutes
Episodes 5 in 1 season ( list )
Director Rainer Werner Fassbinder
idea Rainer Werner Fassbinder
script Rainer Werner Fassbinder
production Peter Märthesheimer
music Jens Wilhelm Petersen
camera Dietrich Lohmann
First broadcast October 29, 1972 (D) on Westdeutscher Rundfunk

Eight hours are not a day is a German five-part television series by Rainer Werner Fassbinder . It was produced by Westdeutscher Rundfunk and broadcast from 1972 to 1973.


In the series, Fassbinder depicts the everyday work and private life of a group of toolmakers . Jochen, portrayed by Gottfried John and Marion ( Hanna Schygulla ), employees of a daily newspaper, are a couple who want to get married. There are various social hot spots around the two of them, such as participation , usury, and prejudice against guest workers .

With the proletarian television series, Fassbinder deliberately set an antithesis to the television "Heile Welt" series of the time. In an elliptical narrative style, it realistically shows the everyday work of self-confident workers. He spreads a positive, encouraging mood in all conflicts and difficulties of the protagonists.

The five episodes are set in Cologne and were filmed in Cologne and in a factory in Mönchengladbach . Filming locations in Cologne included a. a (no longer existing) vending machine passage in Mittelstrasse, Café Eigel in Brückenstrasse, Deutzer Brücke, a pedestrian bridge at the Severinstrasse tram stop and a residential area north of Kalker Hauptstrasse. With the series, Hanna Schygulla first became known to a larger audience.

The film title became a household word in German-speaking countries to express that life is more than just (dependent) work.

Episode list

No. Original title First broadcast Director script Length in min
1 Jochen and Marion October 29, 1972 Rainer Werner Fassbinder Rainer Werner Fassbinder 101
2 Grandma and Gregor December 27, 1972 Rainer Werner Fassbinder Rainer Werner Fassbinder 99
3 Franz and Ernst January 21, 1973 Rainer Werner Fassbinder Rainer Werner Fassbinder 91
4th Monika and Harald 18th February 1973 Rainer Werner Fassbinder Rainer Werner Fassbinder 88
5 Irmgard and Rolf March 18, 1973 Rainer Werner Fassbinder Rainer Werner Fassbinder 88


In 1973 the producer Peter Märthesheimer received a special honor from the Adolf Grimme Prize .


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