Adolf Friedrich II. (Mecklenburg)

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Duke Adolf Friedrich II.

Adolf Friedrich II, Duke of Mecklenburg [-Strelitz] (born October 19, 1658 ; † May 12, 1708 ) was the ruling duke in the Mecklenburg-Strelitz region from 1701 .


As the youngest son of Duke Adolf Friedrich I and Marie Katharine, daughter of Duke Julius Ernst von Dannenberg , he claimed in 1695 after the death of his father-in-law, Duke Gustav Adolf zu Mecklenburg [-Güstrow], to succeed him in his (partial) duchy , however, could not achieve this goal. Unclear legal conditions led to long-term succession dispute in Mecklenburg, which could only be settled with the help of foreign powers. After tough negotiations, an agreement was reached on March 8, 1701 in Hamburg with Duke Friedrich Wilhelm zu Mecklenburg [-Schwerin] that the Güstrow legacy should be divided between the two in terms of value ( Hamburg settlement ). The (partial) duchy of Mecklenburg-Güstrow fell to the Schwerin with the vote attached to the Reichstag . Adolf Friedrich received the principality of Ratzeburg , the rule of Stargard and the commanderies Mirow and Nemerow as well as a fixed share of the Boizenburger Elbe tariff (9,000 Thaler annually). From then on, these territories formed the (partial) duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz , which, however, always remained part of the Mecklenburg state as a whole.

Adolf Friedrich II is considered a particularly far-sighted prince. Targeted, he tackled the expansion of the newly acquired territory, which was still suffering from the consequences of the Thirty Years' War , was extremely sparsely populated and was economically on the ground. Following the Prussian model, the promotion of the infrastructure formed a special focus of his government activities, whereby his special focus was on the economic development of Mirow . The early death of Adolf Friedrich II after barely eight years of reign left all of this stuck in the beginning.

For Mecklenburg-Strelitz he had already made provisions in his will in 1706, which his underage son Adolf Friedrich III. should secure the accession to the throne. Adolf Friedrich II. Became the progenitor of the Mecklenburg-Strelitz family of the Mecklenburg dynasty, which ruled until 1918 and only died out in 1934 in the male line entitled to the throne.


Duke Adolf Friedrich II. With first wife. Engraving, around 1845.

Duke Adolf Friedrich II was married three times:

The first time he married on September 23, 1684 in Güstrow Princess Marie (born July 19, 1659 in Güstrow, † January 16, 1701 in Strelitz), the daughter of Duke Gustav Adolf von Mecklenburg-Güstrow . He had the following children with her:

  • Adolf Friedrich III. (1686–1752), successor to the father on the Strelitz throne
  • Magdalene Amalie (* / † 1689)
  • Marie (* / † 1690)
  • Eleonore Wilhelmine (* / † 1691)
  • Gustave Caroline (* July 12, 1694 in Strelitz; † April 13, 1748 in Schwerin) ∞ with Duke Christian Ludwig II of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

The second time he married on June 20, 1702 in Strelitz Princess Johanne (* October 1, 1680 in Gotha; † July 9, 1704 in Strelitz), the daughter of Duke Friedrich I of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg . The marriage remained childless.

As the third he married on June 10, 1705 in Strelitz Princess Emilie (born March 13, 1681 in Schwarzburg, † November 1, 1751 in Mirow), the daughter of Count and Prince Christian Wilhelm von Schwarzburg-Sondershausen . He had two more children with her:

  • Sophie Christine Louise (October 1, 1706 - December 22, 1708)
  • Karl (Ludwig Friedrich) (* February 23, 1708 in Strelitz; † June 4, 1752 in Mirow), called: "Prince von Mirow "


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