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Szczecin and the surrounding area

The agglomeration of Stettin ( Aglomeracja Szczecińska in Polish ) around the city of Stettin ( Szczecin ) represents one of the nine functional interlinked areas in the settlement system of the Republic of Poland . In the course of the European integration process, Stettin is becoming increasingly important as a regional center in the German-Polish border region. A total of 777,321 inhabitants (2012) live in the narrower conurbation area on an area of ​​5248.94 km².

The aim is to develop a European metropolitan region of Szczecin for cross-border cooperation. According to an established structure, this would include the neighboring districts of Mecklenburg Lake District , Vorpommern-Greifswald , Uckermark on the German side and the powiate Goleniów , Gryfino , Kamień , Police and Stargard and the port city of Swinoujscie on the Polish side, in addition to the core city of Stettin . In 2015, a good 1.46 million people lived in this area. It would have about as many inhabitants as the metropolitan area of Krakow ("Krakowski Obszar Metropolitalny"), but on a larger area.

At a conference in October 2013, the then Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania , Erwin Sellering , said that the Szczecin area, along with the Berlin area , should become the engine of development for the east of the state, similar to what the metropolis of Hamburg and the Rostock regiopolis achieved for the west. In the municipality of Löcknitz there is the "Kommunalgemeinschaft Euroregion Pomerania eV", a coordination point for the development of the metropolitan region of Stettin and its integration into the Baltic Sea region with the partner countries Germany, Poland, Sweden and Denmark. With the "Haus der Wirtschaft Stettin" there is an institution of the IHK Neubrandenburg for the promotion of economic relations in the German-Polish area.

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