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Aircraft Manufacturing Company
legal form
founding 1912
resolution 1920
Reason for dissolution insolvency
Seat Hendon , UK
management Geoffrey de Havilland (Development Manager)
Branch Aircraft manufacturer

Airco DH2

The Aircraft Manufacturing Company or Airco for short was a British aircraft manufacturer founded in 1912 by George Holt Thomas in Hendon (now a part of London ), Great Britain .

After French Farman aircraft were initially built under license, Geoffrey de Havilland was hired in 1914 as head of development. During the First World War , Airco built not only large numbers of the well-known Airco DH2 fighter aircraft from the Airco DH6 and Airco DH9 models, but also 2280 pieces, thereby establishing itself as a manufacturer of strategic bombers.

The Airco DH16 and Airco DH.18 models were used by the first British airline, Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited , which was also owned by George Holt Thomas.

After the First World War, however, the company ran into economic difficulties and finally had to file for bankruptcy in 1920 . The manufacturing facilities were taken over by the Birmingham Small Arms Company , better known as BSA, but they did not build any aircraft. What was left of Airco was used by Geoffrey de Havilland to found his own company, which he called the De Havilland Aircraft Company .

Other aircraft from the manufacturer are the Airco DH1 and Airco DH4 .

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