All Saints (TV series)

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Television series
Original title All saints
All Saints Logo.jpg
Country of production Australia
original language English
Year (s) 1998-2009
length 45 minutes
Episodes 494 in 12 seasons
genre Drama , soap opera , doctor / hospital series
Theme music Supersonic - Matteo Zingales
idea Jo Porter ,
Di Drew ,
MaryAnne Carroll
production Jo Porter ,
Bill Hughes ,
Di Drew
music Matteo Zingales (2007-2009)
First broadcast February 24, 1998 (Australia) on Seven Network

All Saints is an Australian television series by Jo Porter , Di Drew and MaryAnne Carroll , which was produced from 1997 to 2009 for the Australian broadcaster Seven Network . It is about the nurses and doctors who in Sydney Hospital All Saints General Hospital Western work. The series began airing on Seven Network on February 28, 1998 and ended on October 27, 2009 after over 490 episodes aired. It is the longest running doctor and hospital series to date and the third longest running drama series in Australia after Blue Heelers and Homicide . It is also known as the Australian rival to the US hospital series Emergency Room .

The series achieved one of the highest ratings for drama series in Australia and was also very popular overseas, including the UK , Ireland and Belgium . In its eleven-year run, the series won nine Logie Awards , which are comparable to the Emmys in the US , and two AFI Awards . In addition, she was nominated 55 times for one of these two awards.


The Sydney skyline is featured frequently on the series

All Saints shows the work of the nurses and doctors in the fictional hospital All Saints General Western Hospital , which is located in a suburb in Sydney, from the perspective of the nurses, so that the viewer gets an insight into the work there. The series focuses on some of the nurses, doctors and other workers and their problems at work. In addition, she also shows the relationships with each other and their private life. A recurring element is teasing the hospital with litigation, or bringing up criminal charges and defendants. The episodes often begin with the arrival of a new patient. The nurse then explains to the doctor the medical history and treatments that have already been carried out since the injury. Unexpected or surprising diseases are then diagnosed. Usually the stories in each episode are completed.

Seasons one to seven are mainly about the everyday life of Station 17, which is run by the nurse Terri Sullivan. The station is also commonly referred to as the "garbage station" because it takes in most of the patients. In the middle of the seventh season, Ward 17 is finally closed, whereupon the doctors and some nurses continue to work in the emergency room. Seasons seven to eleven show everyday life in the emergency room headed by Frank Campion. These seasons deal more with the private lives of the main characters and the sisters of some doctors. In the twelfth and last season, not only the emergency room but also the team of the Medical Response Unit will be discussed. Doctors are flown to the patient in a helicopter or taken to the hospital with this patient.

In the last episode, the emergency department and the medical response unit host a farewell dinner for the last nurse Yvonne “Von” Ryan who has been working since the hospital opened on her last day at work.


Production of the series began in Sydney in early 1998. The Repatriation General Hospital in the southern suburb of Concord served as the exterior of the All Saints General Western Hospital . In addition, the Ku-ring-gai Hospital in Hornsby was used for other exterior shots and for some internal areas, such as the operating theaters. In response to the drop in ratings, followed by Erik Thomson's departure as Dr. Mitch Stevens , the show's producers decided to move the main plot location from Ward 17 to the emergency room at All Saints Western General Hospital . The set for the emergency room was set up at the turn of 2003/2004 and filming began in February, so that the first episodes with the emergency room could be seen on television in April 2004. The change gave the scriptwriters the opportunity to write out some characters and introduce new ones. With the move, which was called "All Saints 'emergency surgery" ( English All Saints' emergency surgery ), in addition to the private life of the sisters, these were also treated in more detail by some doctors. This change of topic finally brought the series the hoped-for increase in audience ratings.

At the beginning of the twelfth season in 2009, the Medical Response Unit was introduced. She has a helicopter and four-wheel drive vehicle , which has allowed it to get to places an ambulance would never go. In addition to the daily work in the emergency room, some scenes with the paramedics were shown in the season. As one of the paramedic was Mirrah Foulkes involved. After the end of the series after the current twelfth season was announced in July due to excessive costs, the last day of shooting for the series took place on August 26, 2009.


There have been changes in the main cast of the series since the series began in each season. So new characters are added at the beginning of the season as well as in the further course of it, some of which were also introduced as secondary characters beforehand. Characters leaving the series do not always leave the series with the season finale, with some returning later as guest actors. The most important supporting actors are summarized in the following section, supporting cast .

Main cast

Role name actor Main role
Main role
Main role
Leading role
(∑ episodes)
Guest role
Guest role
Voice actor
Dr. Peter Morrison Andrew McKaige 000000000000001.00000000001-45 000000000000001.00000000001-2 1998-1999 000000000000042.000000000042
Jazmina Hillerman Sam Healy 000000000000001.00000000001-45 000000000000001.00000000001-2 1998-1999 000000000000042.000000000042
Stephanie Markham Kirrily White 000000000000001.00000000001-107 000000000000001.00000000001-3 1998-2000 000000000000054.000000000054
Connor Costello Jeremy Cumpston 000000000000001.00000000001-159 000000000000001.00000000001-4 1998-2001 000000000000066.000000000066
Jared Levine Ben Tari 000000000000001.00000000001-207 000000000000001.00000000001-5 1998-2002 000000000000132.0000000000132 000000000000321.0000000000321 000000000000008.00000000008th
Bronwyn Craig Libby Tanner 000000000000001.00000000001-207 000000000000001.00000000001-5 1998-2002 000000000000104.0000000000104 000000000000222.0000000000222 000000000000006.00000000006th
Ben Markham Brian Vriends 000000000000001.00000000001-216 000000000000001.00000000001-6 1998-2002 000000000000134.0000000000134
Dr. Luciano "Luke" Forlano Martin Lynes 000000000000001.00000000001-267 000000000000001.00000000001-7 1998-2004 000000000000150.0000000000150
Therese "Terri" Sullivan Georgie Parker 000000000000001.00000000001-314 000000000000001.00000000001-8 1998-2005 000000000000307.0000000000307
Yvonne "From" Ryan Judith McGrath 000000000000001.00000000001-494 000000000000001.00000000001-12 1998-2009 000000000000494.0000000000494
Dr. Mitchell "Mitch" Stevens Erik Thomson 000000000000045.000000000045-216 000000000000001.00000000001-6 1999-2003 000000000000111.0000000000111
Regina Butcher Celia Ireland 000000000000058.000000000058-101, 209-317 000000000000002.00000000002-3, 5-8 1999-2000, 2002-2005 000000000000111.0000000000111
Jodi Horner Belinda Emmett 000000000000119.0000000000119-163 000000000000003.00000000003-4 2000-2001 000000000000016.000000000016
Scott Zinenko Conrad Coleby 000000000000127.0000000000127-281 000000000000004.00000000004-7 2001-2004 000000000000050.000000000050
Rebecca Green Natasha Beaumont 000000000000160.0000000000160-236 000000000000004.00000000004-6 2001-2003 000000000000038.000000000038
Matthew "Matt" Horner Josh Quong Tart 000000000000163.0000000000163-206 000000000000004.00000000004-5 2001-2002 000000000000037.000000000037 000000000000241.0000000000241 000000000000006.00000000006th
Paula Morgan Jenni Baird 000000000000167.0000000000167-241 000000000000004.00000000004-6 2001-2004 000000000000036.000000000036 000000000000267.0000000000267 000000000000007.00000000007th
Nelson Curtis Paul Tassone 000000000000169.0000000000169-350 000000000000004.00000000004-9 2001-2006 000000000000063.000000000063
Dr. Charlotte Beaumont Tammy MacIntosh 000000000000191.0000000000191-494 000000000000005.00000000005-12 2002-2009 000000000000172.0000000000172
Sterling McCormack Henry Nixon 000000000000222.0000000000222-273 000000000000006.00000000006-7 2003-2004 000000000000048.000000000048
Dr. Vincent Hughes Christopher Gabardi 000000000000224.0000000000224-397 000000000000006.00000000006-10 2003-2007 000000000000154.0000000000154
Dr. Frank Campion John Howard 000000000000266.0000000000266-494 000000000000007.00000000007-12 2004-2009 000000000000128.0000000000128
Jessica Singleton Natalie Saleeba 000000000000272.0000000000272-345 000000000000007.00000000007-9 2004-2006 000000000000025.000000000025th
Cate McMasters Alexandra Davies 000000000000272.0000000000272-387 000000000000007.00000000007-10 2004-2007 000000000000070.000000000070 000000000000388.0000000000388-424 000000000000010.000000000010-11
Dr. Jack Quade Wil Traval 000000000000272.0000000000272-456 000000000000007.00000000007-11 2004-2008 000000000000135.0000000000135
Dan Goldman Mark Priestley 000000000000300.0000000000300-456 000000000000008.00000000008-11 2005-2008 000000000000134.0000000000134
Dr. Sean Everleigh Chris Vance 000000000000335.0000000000335-394 000000000000008.00000000008-10 2005-2007 000000000000054.000000000054
Erica Templeton Jolene Anderson 000000000000346.0000000000346-449 000000000000009.00000000009-11 2006-2008 000000000000102.0000000000102
Dr. Bartholomew "Bart" West Andrew Supanz 000000000000350.0000000000350-494 000000000000009.00000000009-12 2006-2009 000000000000137.0000000000137
Dr. Miklos "Mike" Vlasek John Waters 000000000000352.0000000000352-494 000000000000009.00000000009-12 2006-2009 000000000000132.0000000000132
Gabrielle Jaeger Virginia Gay 000000000000354.0000000000354-494 000000000000009.00000000009-12 2006-2009 000000000000137.0000000000137
Dr. Zoe Gallagher Allison Cratchley 000000000000360.0000000000360-437 000000000000009.00000000009-11 2006-2008 000000000000076.000000000076
Dr. Steven Taylor Jack Campbell 000000000000402.0000000000402-494 000000000000010.000000000010-12 2007-2009 000000000000090.000000000090
Amy Fielding Alix Bidstrup 000000000000443.0000000000443-494 000000000000011.000000000011-12 2008-2009 000000000000047.000000000047
Dr. Adam Rossi Kip Gamblin 000000000000453.0000000000453-494 000000000000011.000000000011-12 2008-2009 000000000000021.000000000021st
Claire Anderson Ella Scott Lynch 000000000000454.0000000000454-494 000000000000011.000000000011-12 2008-2009 000000000000042.000000000042
Jo Mathieson Mirrah Foulkes 000000000000458.0000000000458-494 000000000000012.000000000012 2009 000000000000037.000000000037
Dr. Elliott Parker Jonathan Wood 000000000000486.0000000000486-494 000000000000012.000000000012 2009 000000000000009.00000000009

Supporting cast


The broadcast of the series began on February 24, 1998 with a double episode on the Australian broadcaster Seven Network . The first season finale aired on November 17, 1998. In the following years the new season always started in February and ended in November of the same year. The number of episodes was between 40 and 43 episodes per season, the last only consists of 37 episodes. Due to high production costs, the end of the series after the current twelfth season was announced in July 2009 and this was shortened by three episodes. The broadcast of the last season finally ended on October 27, 2009. With 494 episodes, All Saints is the longest running doctor and hospital series and the third longest running drama series in Australia after Blue Heelers and Homicide .

There is no broadcast in Germany or the German-speaking area.

DVD publications

In 2005, EMI Australia acquired the rights to a DVD release and released the first five seasons between November 28, 2005 and July 9, 2007. After EMI lost the rights in 2007, Universal Pictures Australia acquired them in 2008 and released seasons eight through twelve between September 9, 2009 and September 29, 2010. Seasons six and seven finally followed with the re-releases of the first five seasons on September 2 March 2011.

Awards and nominations

In total, the series won nine Logie Awards in the categories Most Popular Actress , Most Popular Actor and Most Popular Program and two AFI Awards in the category Best Episode in a Drama Series . Actress Georgie Parker won the award for Most Popular Personality On Australian Television in 2001 and 2002 . The series was also honored twice by the Australian Screen Sound Guild in the Best Achievement in Sound for a Drama Series category. In 2009 the cameraman Matthew Horrex won the ACS Award in the category Best Cinematographer in Telefeatures, TV Drama & Mini Series .

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