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Seven Network
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TV station ( private law )
Program type Full program
reception DVB-C, DVB-S & DVB-T
Image resolution 576i ( SDTV ) 16: 9
1080i ( HDTV ) 16: 9

(only in Melbourne and Adelaide)

Start of transmission 1963
language English
Seat Pyrmont , New South Wales , Australia
executive Director Kerry Strokes
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Seven Network is one of the most important Australian broadcasting companies . It is one of the five major Australian commercial broadcasters.


US shipments

Australian shipments



The Seven Network held all major Australian sports rights until the Nine Network and Network Ten jointly secured the sports rights for the Australian Football League (AFL) in 2001 , after the AFL had only been broadcast on Seven Network for 40 years.


In each region of Australia the station runs under a different name with the special news for the respective region; similar to the USA .

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