Bueng Samakkhi district

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Bueng Samakkhi
บึง สามัคคี
Province: Kamphaeng Phet
Surface: 377.186 km²
Residents: 26,262 (2013)
Population density : 71 U / km²
ZIP : 62210
Geocode : 6210
Map of Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand, with Bueng Samakkhi
Ubosot of Wat Thung Sanun Rattanaram, Tambon Rahan
Street train in Bueng Samakkhi

Amphoe Bueng Samakkhi ( Thai : อำเภอ บึง สามัคคี , German: "Harmonischer Sumpf") is a district ( Amphoe - administrative district) in the eastern part of the Kamphaeng Phet Province . The Kamphaeng Phet Province is located in the northern region of Thailand .


Amphoe Bueng Samakkhi is in the neighborhood of the following amphoe (clockwise from the south): Khanu Woralaksaburi , Khlong Khlung , Sai Thong Watthana in Kamphaeng Phet Province and Sam Ngam , Pho Prathap Chang and Bueng Na Rang in Phichit Province .


On April 30, 1994, Bueng Samakkhi was initially set up as a "branch circle" ( King Amphoe ) by separating the Tambon Wahan, Wang Cha-on and Bueng Samakkhi from the Amphoe Khanu Woralaksaburi . The government chose this name to commemorate the unity of the residents of this amphoe.

The Thai government had decided on May 15, 2007 to raise all 81 King Amphoe to simple Amphoe status in order to unify the administration. With the publication in the Royal Gazette "Issue 124 chapter 46" on August 24, 2007 this decision officially entered into force.


Provincial Administration

Bueng Samakkhi County is divided into four tambon (“subdistricts” or “parishes”), which are further subdivided into 45 muban (“villages”).

No. Surname Thai Muban Pop.
01. Bueng Samakkhi บึง สามัคคี 12 4,813
02. Wang Cha-on วัง ชะโอน 14th 9,146
03. Rahan ระ หา น 10 7,314
04th Thep Nimit เทพ นิมิต 09 4,989

Local administration

There is one municipality with "small town" status ( Thesaban Tambon ) in the district:

  • Rahan (Thai: เทศบาล ตำบล ระ หา น ) consisting of the complete tambon Rahan.

There are also three " tambon administration organizations " ( องค์การ บริหาร ส่วน ตำบล - Tambon Administrative Organizations, TAO)

  • Bueng Samakkhi (Thai: องค์การ บริหาร ส่วน ตำบล บึง สามัคคี ) consisting of the complete tambon Bueng Samakkhi.
  • Wang Cha-on (Thai: องค์การ บริหาร ส่วน ตำบล วัง ชะโอน ) consisting of the complete tambon Wang Cha-on.
  • Thep Nimit (Thai: องค์การ บริหาร ส่วน ตำบล เทพ นิมิต ) consisting of the complete tambon Thep Nimit.

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