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Anton Christoph Caspar Friedrich Leonhard von Wickede (born June 8, 1773 in Dammerstorf ; † July 6, 1822 in Teterow ) was a German landowner, administrative and court official and provisional.


Anton Christoph von Wickede was the son of the landowner Eggert Christian Thomas von Wickede on Dammerstorf. He served from 1788 to 1793, most recently as a secondary lieutenant , in the Mecklenburg army, from which he was discharged as captain. From 1792 to 1797 Wickede was the heir to Dammerstorf and then from 1798 to 1819 to Gorschendorf and Jettchenshof . In 1802 he became chamberlain of Mecklenburg . On April 19, 1814 King Friedrich Wilhelm III awarded him . the Royal Prussian Order of St. John . Wickede was the chief guardian of the underage Count Friedrich von Hahn on Basedow and thus supervised the actual guardian.

From 1814 to 1819 Wickede was District Administrator of the Duchy of Mecklenburg- Güstrow . On November 28, 1811, Wickede was elected provisional for the Dobbertin monastery in the state parliament in Rostock . Duke Friedrich Franz had issued the confirmation certificate as provisional for four years on December 14, 1811. Its introduction in the large hall of the monastery office in Dobbertin took place on December 5, 1812 by the monastery captain Rittmeister August Friedrich von Lowtzow auf Klaber and the provisional chamberlain Adam Otto von Vieregge auf Steinhausen in front of all monastery officials, foresters and schoolteachers of all monastery villages with a handshake. Then Mrs. Domina Charlotte Sophia von Hagen congratulated the newly elected provisional from Wickede in the choir hall in front of the assembled convention . The keys with the monastery drawer were handed over in the court arbor of the monastery district court.

Wickede was a sponsor of beekeeping in Mecklenburg with a corresponding Rostock script from 1820 and several essays in the frank evening paper . In addition, in 1812 he was concerned with the question of guilds in Mecklenburg.

Wickede died on July 6, 1822 as the Grand Ducal Schwerin Chamberlain in Teterow. In the churchyard of the Gorschendorf village church there is still a burial place of the family from his time as landowners.


Wickede was married to Wilhelmine Ludowike, daughter of Captain Bernhard Christoph von Blücher on Gorschendorf, from 1795 . She died in 1798 after giving birth to a third son. The second son was born on April 16, 1797, Ludwig August Leonhard . In 1799 Wickede married Henriette Elise Ludolphine Edle von Botterweek, with whom he also had two children. Henriette died in 1836. The only sister Dorothea Charlotte Wilhelmina Friederica, born on November 21, 1803, survived all of her brothers. She went 1865 in the aristocratic convent in Dobbertin Monastery , where she died on December 1, 1872nd


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