Arado SC I.

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Arado SC I.
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The second SC I with the serial number 24
Type: Trainer aircraft
Design country:

German EmpireGerman Empire German Empire



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The Arado SC I is a German training aircraft developed in the 1920s and the first model to be built in a small series by the Arado Flugzeugwerke in Warnemünde .


The design was carried out by Arado's chief designer Walter Rethel in 1926. Turkey was officially named as the client, unofficially the Reichswehr was behind this project, which probably also considered a possible suitability as a makeshift reconnaissance aircraft , from which the "C" in the type abbreviation suggests, while "S" stands for training aircraft. The 13 aircraft ordered, one of which Arado built at its own risk, were then for the most part registered for the German Aviation School, which functions as a camouflaged training organization for military pilots, and deployed at its locations in Schleissheim and Staaken. Four later became part of the German Aviation Research Institute in Berlin-Adlershof, one of which was given to the German Aviation Association in 1934 . The last SC I was still flown into the second half of the 1930s and deleted from the aviation role in March 1937, but the larger part had already been deleted from the register by 1932/33.

An SC I was used from August to September 1927 at the See trial site in Travemünde for engine cooling tests with ethylene glycol before it was handed over to DVS in Schleissheim.


The SC I is a cantilever one and a half decker in a composite construction . The fuselage is formed by a welded tubular steel framework with a rectangular cross-section, covered with aluminum sheets in the engine area and otherwise covered with fabric. The back of the fuselage has a detachable, semicircular cover made of plywood. The engine can be folded down for maintenance work. The two crew cabins, which are arranged one behind the other, are equipped with a double control which can be deactivated by the flight instructor in the driver's cabin of the student pilot while flying.

The structure is strongly staggered in a one-and-a-half-deck configuration, with the upper wing having a considerably larger span than the lower. The two-spar wings are made of wood and are covered with plywood on the underside and front edge, while the top is covered with fabric. The upper wing is hinged to the canopy of the easily removable central section and connected to the lower wing with inclined N-posts and inverted V-posts to the fuselage. The wing and stem connection points consist of duralumin fittings with enclosed steel bushes. Only the upper wing has ailerons. The tail unit consists of a tubular steel frame covered with fabric with balanced rudders and an adjustable horizontal stabilizer in flight. The main landing gear is rigid with a continuous axle and rubber band sprung. There is also a rubber-sprung grinding spur at the rear.

The fuselage, tail unit and engine block of the SC I as well as all welded fittings were painted aluminum fire bronze, which flaked off when deformed and thus made the affected areas visible.

Technical specifications

Three-sided view
Parameter Data
crew 1-2
span above 12.82 m
below 9.14 m
length 8.70 m
height 3.10 m
Wing area 29.32 m²
Empty mass 1000 kg
Payload 500 kg
Takeoff mass 1500 kg
drive a liquid-cooled six - cylinder four-stroke in - line engine
Starting power
continuous power
275 PS (202 kW)
230 PS (169 kW) at 4000 m
Fuel volume 410 l
Top speed 183 km / h near the ground
180 km / h at 1000 m
Cruising speed 160 km / h close to the ground
Landing speed 80-85 km / h
Rise time 4 min at 1000 m altitude
9.5 min at 2000 m altitude
Service ceiling 5200 m
Range k. A.
Flight duration 6 h
Take-off / landing runway 80 m / 90 m


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