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Arno Arnold, 1960

Arno Heinrich Gottfried Arnold (born January 29, 1897 in Glatzen , † March 26, 1963 in Zwickau ) was a German doctor, internist and sports medicine specialist. He is considered the first German university lecturer for sports medicine .

Live and act

After studying medicine and doing a doctorate at the University of Leipzig from 1915 to 1921, he completed his habilitation in 1930 at the medical faculty there with the subject of physical development and physique in relation to physical exercise . In 1936 he was appointed professor of sports medicine . After that he was head of the State Institute for Physiotherapy and Massage in Dresden until 1940 . During the Second World War Arnold worked as a senior staff doctor in the Bad Elster military hospital . After settling in Bad Elster (1945–1949) and managing the department of the spa clinic there (1949–1954), he worked until 1963 as the manager of the Wiesenbad thermal bath near Annaberg-Buchholz . In addition to a large number of publications in sports medicine, he conducted advanced training courses in sports medicine for many years. In 1954 he became the first chairman of the newly established working group for sports medicine in the GDR . The all-German textbook on sports medicine he published in 1956 remained the standard work in this field for many years.

Arnold's life's work was recognized with the GutsMuths Prize as well as the first honorary membership of the Society for Sports Medicine of the GDR and with the appointment as a personal member by the FIMS . The Arno Arnold Prize , created after German reunification, was awarded for special achievements by young scientists in the field of sports medicine.

In 1920 Arno Arnold was a member of the Leipzig Volunteer Regiment. From 1924 to 1927 he was a member of the DNVP . He joined the NSDAP and NSLB in 1933. In 1935, he became a member of the National Socialist Medical Association.

Publications (selection)

  • Five bibliographies of the literature on sports medicine and its border areas 1911 to 1953 with the publishers Reher Berlin 1927, Thieme Leipzig 1929 and 1936, Johann Ambrosius Barth Verlag 1934 and 1953
  • The sports medical examination . JA Barth Leipzig 1933 and 1936
  • Sports medicine textbook . JA Barth Leipzig 1956, 2nd edition 1960
  • Medical basics of exemption from school gymnastics . JA Barth Leipzig 1955, 2nd edition 1956, 3rd edition 1958; 4th edition reworked and ed. by D. Kabisch 1967 as the medical fundamentals of exemption from physical education


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