Ascension (TV series)

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Television series
German title Ascension
Original title Ascension
Country of production Canada
United States
original language English
year 2014
Universal Cable Productions ,
Lionsgate Television,
Blumhouse Productions
length 43 minutes
Episodes 6 in 1 season ( list )
genre Science fiction , drama
idea Philip Levens,
Adrian A. Cruz
music Phil McGowan
First broadcast December 15, 2014 (USA) on Syfy
first broadcast
March 5, 2016 on Netflix

Ascension (German Rise, Assumption ) is a Canadian - American science fiction - television series , which in the US on December 15, 2014 Syfy started off. It is about a company on a so-called generational spaceship that is said to have set off for Proxima Centauri in 1963 . Philip Levens wrote the story as well as the script and was executive producer alongside Canadian director Stephen Williams.

The series is inspired by the Orion Project , which took place in the United States under the presidency of John F. Kennedy .


The series was set to music at DMT-Digital Media Technologie. Kerstin Draeger wrote the dialogue books and directed the dialogue.

main actor

role actor Main role Voice actor
William Denninger Brian Van Holt 1.01–1.06 Stephan Benson
Viondra Denninger Tricia Helfer 1.01–1.06 Marion von Stengel
Duke Vanderhaus Ryan Robbins 1.01–1.06 Martin Lohmann
Harris Enzmann Gil Bellows 1.01–1.06 Achim book
Aaron Gault Brandon P. Bell 1.01–1.06 Tobias Schmidt
Dr. Juliet Bryce Andrea Roth 1.01–1.06 Kerstin Draeger
Nora Bryce Jacqueline Byers 1.01–1.06 Mia Diekow
Chief Astronomer Emily Vanderhaus Tiffany Lonsdale 1.01–1.06 Celine Fontanges
James Toback PJ Boudousqué 1.01–1.06 Jacob Weigert

Supporting roles

role actor Supporting role Voice actor
Martin Carillo Mark Camacho 1.01–1.06 Kai Henrik Möller
Stockyard Master Stokes Brad Carter 1.01–1.06 Christian Rudolf
Nixon Spiro Malandrakis 1.01–1.06 Stefan Weissenburger
Matthew Robert Naylor 1.01–1.06 Timo Kinzel
Christa Valis Ellie O'Brien 1.01–1.06 Carlotta Pahl
Councilman Rose Al Sapienza 1.01–1.06 Reent Reins
Jackie Jessica Sipos 1.01–1.06 Katharina von Keller
Samantha Krueger Lauren Lee Smith 1.01–1.06 Eva Michaelis
Lorelei Wright Amanda Thomson 1.01–1.06 Kristina von Weltzien
Hayes Elias Toufexis 1.01–1.06

Development and production

On March 13, 2014, the official announcement was made that Syfy had ordered Ascension as a six-piece. Production will start on July 7, 2014. The series was mainly filmed in Montreal , Canada in collaboration with the American Blumhouse Productions . The first trailer appeared on May 15, 2014. In the end, however, the series was broadcast from December 15 to 17, 2014 on three consecutive days, each with two episodes in a row. Syfy later stated that the series would not continue. Probably the quota of 1.7 to 1.3 million viewers did not meet the expectations of the station. So far there has not been a station that will continue production. The reviews of the series were quite positive. At Rotten Tomatoes , the series reached 65%. In German-speaking countries, the video-on-demand provider Netflix published the series on March 5, 2016.

Episode list

No. German title Original title First broadcast in the USA German language first broadcast (D) Director script Odds
1 Lorelei's death Night One, Part 1 Dec 15, 2014 5th Mar 2016 Stephen Williams Philip Levens
idea: Adrian A. Cruz & Philip Levens
1.76 million
After 51 years on a 100-year journey through space, a murder occurs on board the "Ascension", a US Orion-class spaceship. Lorelei Wright's body is found on the ship's "beach". Captain William Denninger hires his Executive Officer Aaron Gault to investigate. The last person Lorelei had seen alive was Stokes, a worker from the lower decks. Meanwhile, Harris Enzmann visits his father, who has had a stroke, in the hospital. After the visit, he is approached by an apparently well-informed young man who asks him about the Ascension project. Harris says the project doesn't exist. On the ship, Gault learns from his lover Emily, who is also Lorelei's sister and married to the security officer, that Lorelei has met with James Toback, who works on the lower decks. Christa, Lorelei's little sister, had found her body and was in shock after a brief faint. Chief Medical Officer Bryce treats Christa. Nora, Bryce's daughter and her part-time nurse, also fell in love with Toback. Gault visits Ophelia, the ship's librarian, for advice on criminal investigations in the books. From Ophelia, his aunt, he learns that Lorelei had borrowed the video memory card for the 31st annual celebration but only brought back the case. In the 31st year, a large fire killed several people on board for the annual celebration. Gault and Ophelia had been saved by Denninger. Bryce reports on a phenomenon that everyone on board experienced in their youth: the realization that on board a generational spaceship one has only limited freedom for future life. She suspects Lorelei was in this phase and tried to deal with it. Viondra, Denninger's chief stewardess and wife, sleeps with Councilman Rose, who can recall her husband as captain. She also gives Denninger information about Rose.
2 The suspect Night One, Part 2 Dec 15, 2014 5th Mar 2016 Stephen Williams Philip Levens
idea: Adrian A. Cruz & Philip Levens
1.76 million
When Gault searches the lower decks, he finds a volume of poetry by Rilke that someone used as a notebook to instigate a rebellion. While swimming on the "beach", Toback and Nora find the video memory card that Lorelei had not brought back to the library but rather hidden. A radiation storm comes up and everyone has to go to shelters that are installed on the ship, mainly in the quarters. During the storm, Christa observes someone in a suit stealing Bryce's seahorse necklace from the bedroom. After the storm, Stoke's workplace is stormed by Gault and his team and the gun is found. Stokes is brought for questioning. Christa gives Gault a compass that Lorelei has hidden from her “lover”. After the funeral ceremony for Lorelei, Stoke's cell door mysteriously opens and he escapes with the gun and Nora hostage. When Gault confronts Captain Denninger with the compass near an air bulkhead, he is shocked to learn that he was having an affair with Lorelei. Stokes joins, a fight begins and he tries to shoot Gault, but the gun doesn't work. Stokes is sucked out of the air bulkhead that Gault opens during the fight - supposedly into space - only to land on a large air cushion, to be overpowered and drugged by some men. Ascension is actually housed in a huge building. For 51 years, the crew, who think they are on a journey to the stars, have been watched and studied by Harris (and previously his father).
3 The explosion Night Two, Part 1 Dec 16, 2014 5th Mar 2016 Vincenzo Natali Philip Levens 1.33 million
After falling out of Ascension and being believed dead on board, Stokes is held captive in the facility built around Ascension. Harris is informed that a consultant named Samantha will be assigned to him by the company that operates the facility. She is supposed to solve the murder on board the Ascension, but apart from the surveillance cameras she has no chance to look around the scene. She begins her investigation with an interrogation of Stokes, but he attacks her in his madness. The fact that he was catapulted from the spaceship and did not die in space, but is being held by some people, does not particularly benefit his psyche. An act of sabotage causes an explosion on board. The medical staff treat the injured, Dr. Bryce worries that Nora may have developed feelings for James. Councilman Rose reminds Viondra that her husband's power is only given and could be taken back at any time. A little later she recommends to her husband that a party should be organized on board to raise morale. Meanwhile, Gault is looking for a missing cobalt generator, similar to the one used in the sabotage. He gets a slap in the face. Samantha informs the in-house head of the project that there are probably some secrets. She confronts Harris, then he shows her the surveillance cameras and asks her if she would like to know the truth if she was born on Ascension. Dr. Bryce discusses James with Nora, and Nora explains that the ship's in-house matching program might bring her together with someone she doesn't like and that she'd rather have fun while it could. When Gault realizes that the fire was also triggered by a cobalt generator 20 years ago on the occasion of the 31st annual celebration, he tries to talk to the captain. James asks Gault to help him join a program that will get him off the lower decks for a better career. He offers to help him find Dwight, a new suspect in the Lorelei murder case - and advises him to look on deck 23. In a memory from Gault, it is revealed that Ophelia saved his life on deck 23 when the fire broke out 20 years ago. Deck 23 has been too damaged since then to be able to hear tones generated in the facility around Ascension. And Gault seems to sense that there is someone behind the "outside wall"; in fact, Harris is there at this moment. Dwight engages Gault in a fight, Gault escapes, and Dwight dies. Harris goes into a huge warehouse and takes a box from a shelf with the seahorse necklace that was taken out of Dr. during the "radiation storm". Bryce's quarters had been stolen and gave them to his wife.
4th Vaccination Night Two, Part 2 Dec 16, 2014 5th Mar 2016 Rob Lieberman Adrian A. Cruz 1.33 million
5 Ostara Night Three, Part 1 Dec 17, 2014 5th Mar 2016 Mairzee Almas Melody Fox 1.50 million
6th Christa's powers Night Three, Part 2 Dec 17, 2014 5th Mar 2016 Nicholas Copus Philip Levens 1.50 million

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