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Office golf or office putting is a variant of classic golf that is played in rooms such as offices .

Fun sport

This type of fun sport imported from the USA is not miniature golf , but is based on conventional golf. The ball is only allowed to touch the ground, the club and the hole. All other touches, such as walls and inventory etc., are punished with a penalty.

This trend sport comes from the USA and has been practiced there for years. From there, the office port came to Europe with a time lag and was initially practiced in the banking scene in Frankfurt am Main . It is now also played in Hamburg, Münster , Dresden, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bremen, Berlin, the Ruhr area and other cities, such as Hanover ( Royal Riding Hall ), and there are nationwide competitions.


This requires the usual golf equipment with clubs , putters , golf balls, etc. Special practice holes, for example made of metal, serve as “targets”. The player whose ball is furthest from the hole always plays. The next hole is started by the best player from the previous hole. Every touch of the walls, doors, furnishings or the teammates results in a penalty stroke. As in traditional golf, the one who needs the fewest strokes overall to get the ball into all the holes on the course wins. The course usually consists of 9 holes. An office space of at least 400 m² is required for a course, which can also be played on stairs. Since there are no official office golf regulations yet, different variations are also played.

Style of play

On gray carpeting, for example, it plays differently and faster than on the classic golf turf . But they are already playing on concrete and tiled floors. Carpet rolls are sometimes laid out for the event. Secondly, the golfing applies in premises an opportunity to make useful contacts and networking to operate. The office putting is occasionally also used to support a good cause with membership fees and donations.

Office golf clubs in Germany

In Germany there are several so-called office golf clubs that exist as associations or initiatives. These office golf clubs organize office golf tournaments at regular intervals that serve to establish contacts and network . Almost every club can register online or by email.

Overview of the office golf clubs

  • Bocholt: Gemener Bürogolf Club
  • Chemnitz : 1st office golf club in the Saxon industrial city of Chemnitz
  • Bremen: 1st Bremen Office Golf Club
  • Delmenhorst: 1. Delmenhorst Bürogolf Club
  • Dresden : 1st office golf club in the Saxon state capital Dresden
  • Düsseldorf : 1st Düsseldorf Office Golf Club
  • Halle (Saale) : 1. Bürogolf Club Halle in the Royal Main Customs Office from 1901
  • Hamburg : 1st office golf club in Hamburg
  • Hanover : 1st Büro-Golf-Club Hannover Königliche Reithalle from 1866
  • Cologne : 1st office golf club in Cologne
  • Leipzig : Bürogolfclub - Leipzig eV
  • Munich : 1. Munich office golf club
  • Münster : 1st office golf club in Münster
  • Neustadt: 1. Neustadt an der Weinstrasse office golf club
  • Paderborn : 1st Paderborn office golf club
  • Ruhr area : 1st Office Golf Club Ruhr
  • Saxon Elbland 1st office golf club in the Saxon Elbland
  • Schieder-Schwalenberg: Office-Golf-Club Lippe
  • Starnberg: 1. Starnberg office golf club
  • Walsrode: Büro-Golf Walsrode
  • Wolfsburg : 1. Büro-Golf-Club Wolfsburg - Braunschweig - Gifhorn


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