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Barry Miles (* 1943 in Cirencester , England ) is a British journalist and writer . He has written numerous biographies and books on 1960s pop culture figures , including Paul McCartney , The Beatles , William S. Burroughs , Jack Kerouac , Frank Zappa , Charles Bukowski , Allen Ginsberg , John Lennon , and The Clash . His most recent publication - a book on William S. Burroughs - appeared in 2014.


In the 1960s, was co-owner of Miles in London's prestigious Mayfair located Indica Gallery , an art gallery of contemporary counterculture . This made it possible for him to meet many stars of the scene in "Swinging London". Miles put Paul McCartney in contact with people who wanted to found the underground newspaper The International Times , which McCartney was subsequently involved in founding. Miles later headed the short-lived record label Zapple Records , which was a sub-label of Apple Records . In 1998 he wrote Many Years from Now , McCartney's official biography.

Miles and his wife - both lived at 15 Hanson Street in London in 1965 - introduced McCartney to “ hash brownies ”, as pastries were then called, made with the addition of cannabis or cannabis products ( hashish ). They used a recipe for "hash fudge" - fudge is a caramel-like sweet made from butter, sugar and milk - which they found in Alice B. Tokla's cookbook.

Miles published the book Hippie , which tells the story of the hippie movement of the 1960s and early 1970s through interviews, quotes and pictures . Together with Charles Perry and James Henke he wrote I Want to Take You Higher , a documentary about the exhibition at the Cleveland Museum's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame .

As a writer and journalist, Miles was known for his critical stance towards musicians who publicly support views of libertarianism and / or capitalism . Among the artists with whom he therefore came into conflict, belonged Neil Peart of Rush and Frank Zappa. The views of such musicians are in stark contrast to those of the socialist Miles.


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