Bella Familia - no exchange

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Episode in the Bella series
Original title Bella Familia - no exchange
Country of production Germany
original language German
Hager Moss movie
length 96 minutes
classification Episode 4 ( list )
first broadcast
September 21, 2013 on ZDFneo
Director Edzard Onneken
script Melanie Bruegel
production Kirsten Hager
music Biber Gullatz ,
Andreas Schäfer
camera Marco Uggiano
cut Dietrich Toellner

Bella Familia - No exchange is a German comedy by Edzard Onneken from 2013 and the fourth episode of the TV series Bella with Andrea Sawatzki in the lead role.


At Bella Jung, the new situation - without a husband and as a single mother of a sponsored child - has gradually settled in. Her ex-husband Martin has since moved to Munich for a new job, but her adult daughter Lena lives with her and has her own job. Now Bella is fighting for a place in a daycare center, because she also has to work in her massage parlor during the day. However, there is no success, but business in “Bella's Oasis” is getting better and better. At a loss as to how she should arrange Tom's care, the surprising solution is found with one of her customers who spontaneously offers herself as a childminder and which Bella gratefully accepts.

One day, Bella receives an unexpected visit from her drunken father. He has not taken care of her or her sisters Ines and Eva for over ten years. He had not even appeared for her mother's funeral and now Friedrich is nesting with Bella without being asked. To make matters worse, he also plays the trumpet passionately and makes Bella white-hot with his presence. As soon as she puts him in front of the door, he finds his way back through his granddaughter Lena. Friedrich knows how to arouse her curiosity about him, because after all she hardly knows him at all and wants to make up for what she has missed. For her sake, Bella agrees that her father will temporarily live with them. To keep this time as short as possible, she even gets in touch with Suzie, Friedrich's last friend, but she doesn't want him back either.

Bella tries to come to terms with her past and understand the background to her father's disappearance. At that time he was already a musician with body and soul and for the sake of music he accepted an engagement with a band and left his wife. He thought he would get rich and famous and convince his family of what he was made of. But nothing like that happened and today he lives on the street as a musician. Therefore Bella tries to look for a new environment for her father. But his music career seems to be over when Friedrich suffers a minor stroke and has to go to hospital. The doctor makes it clear to Bella that her father's lifestyle and the effort it takes to play the trumpet can be fatal to Friedrich. Even if Bella doesn't want it, she's worried and even Martin comes from Munich. She would like to know her father in this world for a while, but she also knows that she cannot take his music away from him, because for him it is life.

Bella's sister Eva, however, is not yet able to approach her father. The disappointment from her childhood is too deep.


Bella Familia - Exchange excluded was filmed from October 23, 2012 to November 23, 2012 in Berlin and the surrounding area and had its premiere in Germany on September 21, 2013 on ZDFneo . Bella's daughter Lena is no longer played by Lotte Flack in this episode , but has been replaced by actress Lucie Hollmann .


Rainer Tittelbach from rated: “'Bella Familia - no exchange excluded' opens the fourth chapter on the subject of Bella and the men: godfather son Tom and papa Friedrich replace the lovers. The heroine's biography is completed, her actions become more plausible - and, of course, the father screwed up a lot. The pitch is a bit heavier, the film not quite as entertaining. The plot arises less casually and easily from everyday life and is more predictable. But there are enough wonderful scenes that ennoble the serious ZDF comedy. ”The critics of the TV magazine TV Spielfilm gave the best rating (thumbs up) and said:“ Moody family chaos with a heart and a great leading actress. ”Conclusion:“ From Bella's chaos we never get enough. "

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