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Basic structure of the benzamides

As benzamides are chemical compounds referred to as derivatives of benzamide can be understood and whose feature the benzamido is. Benzamide is the carboxamide of benzoic acid .

A benzamide structure occurs in a number of active ingredients . In psychiatry , some substituted benzamides are used therapeutically as neuroleptics or antipsychotics .

Drugs with a benzamide structure

The therapeutically used benzamides are N-substituted (i.e. they have a substituent on the N atom ) and have further functional groups at various positions on the benzene ring . Benzamides have different effects depending on the substituents: the best-known representatives are used in psychiatry, but there are also substances that suppress nausea or improve cardiac arrhythmias .


Amisulpride - a substituted benzamide

Various drugs from the group of benzamides are used in psychiatry and related medical fields :

Another benzamide used psychiatrically, Remoxiprid , was withdrawn from the market worldwide at the end of 1993 because of life-threatening harmful effects.

The active ingredients mentioned have an antipsychotic effect and, in contrast to most other neuroleptics, have an activating and mood-enhancing effect rather than a depressant. They are used to treat various psychological disorders , but rarely in acute schizophrenic attacks, as the neuroleptic potency of sulpiride and amisulpride is usually not sufficient for this.

Sulpiride is also used in low doses to treat dizziness ( Menière's disease ).

  • Moclobemide , a substituted benzamide structurally related to sulpiride and remoxiprid, is an antidepressant used to treat inhibited depression.

Other therapeutic uses

Further active ingredients with a benzamide structure are used therapeutically , for example because of their anti-nausea (anti- emetic ), anti- arrhythmic or antihypertensive effects:

Pesticides with a benzamide structure

A number of agents used in crop protection also have a characteristic benzamide structure, such as

Molluscicides and repellants with a benzamide structure

The repellent diethyltoluamide (DEET)

Among the molluscicides , niclosamide is represented with a benzamide structure. The substance is used to combat the water snails that transmit the worm disease schistosomiasis . Diethyltoluamide (e.g. Anti Brumm ), which is widely used to repel insects ( repellant ), also belongs to the benzamides.

For further representatives see the category benzamide .

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