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The Berninghausen Prize (actually Berninghausen Prize for excellent teaching and its innovation ) is an award given in Bremen that is considered the oldest teaching prize in Germany. It has been supported by the University of Bremen and the unifreunde Bremen e. V. donates and honors "extraordinary commitment and special creativity of teachers".

The Berninghausen Prize was first awarded in 1992 by Friedo Berninghausen (1929–2013), long-time President of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce . While there were around 40 teaching prizes nationwide in 2010, the Berninghausen Prize was a novelty when it was first awarded. The award, which is awarded annually with the exception of 1998, is currently advertised in the three categories of “excellently designed seminar”, “excellent internship” and “student award” and is endowed with a total of 6,000 euros. The winners are determined by a selection committee appointed by the Academic Senate ; For the “Student Prize” category, only students and all members of the University of Bremen are entitled to submit the names of scientists working at the University as proposals, although teams are also permitted.

Award winners

The following list of all award winners is based on the presentation on the University of Bremen's website. 33 of the 67 award winners (as of January 2015) were professors at the time of the award.

year Award winners subject area
1992 Annelie Wedge Human and Health Sciences
1993 Peter Mayr Production engineering
Johannes Beck , Jörg Holkenbrink , Anne Kehl (as a team) Educational Sciences
1994 Hartmut Koehler , Karin Mathes , Dietrich Mossakowski , Hans-Konrad Nettmann , Michael Schirmer , Hannes Wähner, Gerhard Weidemann , Heiko Uchtmann (as a team) Biology / chemistry
Peter Kruse Human and Health Sciences
1995 Helmut Schwegler Physics / electrical engineering
Wolf-Dieter Stohrer Biology / chemistry
Jörg Berndt Human and Health Sciences
1996 Reinhold Kienzler Production engineering
Manfred Stöckler Cultural studies
1997 Frieder Nake Mathematics / computer science
Hedwig Ortmann , Ulrike Becker, Witha Winter from Gregory (as a team) Educational Sciences
Bärbel Wallisch-Prinz Social sciences
1998 no award
1999 Georg Feuser Human and Health Sciences
2000 Bernd Jastorff Biology / chemistry
Angela Bolland Educational Sciences
2001 Michael Schetsche, Thomas Krug, Thomas Temme (as a team) Social sciences
Reinhard Riekens , Arne Röhrs, Liana Hedemann, Marie Herholz, Anja Storm (as a team) Biology / chemistry
2002 Britta Kolbert Cultural studies
2003 Horst Schecker Physics / electrical engineering
Regina Keuchel Human and Health Sciences
2004 Andreas Hanses Human and Health Sciences
2005 Susanne Preacher Mathematics / computer science
Brunhilde Marquardt-Mau Educational Sciences
2006 Marcus Bäumer , Ingo Eilks (as a team) Biology / chemistry
Anja Oettinger, Michael Haag (as a team) Educational Sciences
2007 Hans-Ilja Rückmann Physics / electrical engineering
Malte Mienert Human and Health Sciences
2008 Iris Pigeot-Kübler Mathematics / computer science
Eva Schöck-Quinteros Social sciences
2009 Ekkard Brinksmeier Production engineering
Dagmar Bönig Educational Sciences
2010 Sylke Meyerhuber Human and Health Sciences
Ivo Mossig Social sciences
Hans Jörg Henning Human and Health Sciences
2011 Karsten Hölscher Mathematics / computer science
Cordula Nolte Social sciences
Anja Christina Lepach Human and Health Sciences
2012 Tanja Henking, Andreas Maurer (as a team) law Sciences
Hans-Konrad Nettmann Biology / chemistry
Lothar Probst Social sciences
2013 Lisa Lüdders, Mark Heckmann (as a team) Human and Health Sciences
Frank Jahnke Physics / electrical engineering
2014 Jan Ulrich Büttner Social sciences
Andra Thiel-Hoffmeister Biology / chemistry
Oliver Hinkelbein Cultural studies
2015 Janna Wolff Social sciences
Jens Pöppelbuss Economics
Volkmar Zielasek Biology / chemistry
2016 Julia Borst and Natascha Ueckmann Linguistics and literary studies
Ansgar Gerhardus and Heinz Rothgang Public Health and Nursing Research
Michael Claridge English Theater
2017 Iris Stahlke Human and Health Sciences
Dennis-Kenji Kipker Computer science and law
Lucio Colombi-Ciacchi Production engineering, mechanical engineering and process engineering
2018 Rolf Drechsler, Cornelia Große, Oliver Keszöcze, Kenneth Schmitz and Jannis Stoppe Mathematics / computer science
Aki Harima Economics
Hans-Christian Waldmann Human and Health Sciences

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