Boͤ Austria

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Television series
Original title Boͤ Austria
Boesterreich Logo.jpg
Country of production Austria
original language Austrian German
year 2014
ORF / super film
length 25 minutes
Episodes 10 in 1 season
genre satire
idea Tamara Metelka , Nicholas Ofczarek

Boͤsterreich is a television series of Austrian Broadcasting , which was produced in 2014 in ten episodes. The idea for the series comes from Tamara Metelka and Nicholas Ofczarek . The actors Robert Palfrader and Nicholas Ofczarek embody a large number of and most of the roles in the satire. In addition to Palfrader and Ofczarek, Thomas Maurer , Hosea Ratschiller , Antonia Stabinger , Ulrike Haidacher , Florian Scheuba , Lukas Tagwerker , Gerald Votava and Sebastian Brauneis , who mainly directed the script, were responsible for the script .


The plot of Boͤsterreich is not linear, but rather episodic. Short scenes in sketch form are loosely connected by the protagonists. Some people return regularly, others can only be seen once. The palette of the represented figures ranges from the homeless to workers, employees and academics to a minister.

The story itself is not chronological, but at the beginning of each episode there is a brief review of the past and a preview of what is to come. The series takes place mainly in the Austrian capital Vienna , even if it is not directly marked as such. A complete episode is located in Tyrol (episode 5), parts of several other episodes are set in an unnamed Austrian province.

Many scenes with evil characters, for example a sadistic veterinarian, contain black humor .


main actor

supporting cast


  • Episode 1: Local taxisers and animal haters
  • Episode 2: latex lover and sky striker
  • Episode 3: Leberkas and kebab addicts
  • Episode 4: Catholics and Hostages
  • Episode 5: Village Emperors and Inca Princesses
  • Episode 6: Nudes and Ministers
  • Episode 7: Politicians and Criminals
  • Episode 8: Widow Comforters and Women Murderers
  • Episode 9: bon vivants and penis cutters
  • Episode 10: Center and End

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